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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Well? It's About Time ...

In Kentucky (or perhaps in the South in general), when someone does something that doesn't make sense, we don't understand, or is just plain silly, we just say, "Well  ..." and nothing else lol.  

It's typically drawn out, like "We-uhl" and the silence contains an unspoken "huh" after it or sometimes a subtle question mark.


Almost a year later, the FDA finally formally approved the Pfizer vaccine, other than just for emergency authorization, meaning that the VA and other publicly funded institutions can now give the vaccine en masse.

And yet, they approved Aduhelm for Alzheimer's, which hasn't proven it's efficacy and costs $56,000 a year, months ago.

Ah, bureaucracy and politics, eh? 

I guess in this case, considering all of the backlash, they wanted to see the real-world evidence before fully approving?

Because the fact is, it is working (see the maps in this post) - albeit we will likely need yearly boosters, just like we do the flu, for mutations/variants.

People, I understand your caution with the vaccine, but my husband and I have had it, and we have traveled (still wearing masks indoors) to North Carolina - twice - and we're absolutely fine.

In fact, though this is still limited personal experience, I guess, everyone we regularly associate with has had it, and they're just fine, too.  I have yet to meet even one person who experienced an adverse event, and I've met only one person with a breakthrough infection despite vaccination, and she works in healthcare -  her symptoms were mild cold/flu-like symptoms.

If you're going to ingest or inject something questionable into your body, at least do something that has been studied and reviewed and approved by the FDA (or your country's pharmaceutical approval agency) that has been specifically indicated for COVID-19?

NOT something that politicians (or their political press, pundits, and  social media worshippers) told you to use -  likely because that politician has stock shares in companies other than the vaccine makers (Pfizer, Modern, Johnson&Johnson, or AstraZeneca) - that has never been studied, then reviewed and approved, specifically for the indication of COVID-19.

I swear to goodness, after the bleach and Ivermectin fiascos, I think if Trump and/or his followers told you that eating Trump's crap on a cracker cured COVID, you'd do it, wouldn't you?!?


As for the mandates, this is not new - most public schools have mandates for the children to be vaccinated with the usual childhood vaccinations before enrollment.


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