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Friday, August 27, 2021

On Trump, Saudi Arabia, 9/11, and Osama bin Laden, The Taliban and Afghanistan


On August 9th, the U.S. Justice Department stated that it would start slowly declassifying and releasing to the public documents related to investigating connections between certain people in Saudi Arabia funding 9/11 and other terrorism - something that the families of 9/11 victims and smart people have suspected for a very long time, but everyone tiptoes around that elephant in the room, and refuses to fully investigate, likely out of fears of losing oil-rights issues?

I'm just going to say my opinion and suspicions out loud, in front of God and everybody - I suspect that there are a few very wealthy people in Saudi Arabia and the UAE that are actually behind the wire-transfer funding for not just 9/11, but lots of terrorism, paying desperate poorer countries and people to do it, so they can sit back and keep their noses clean, looking innocent ;)

I also think, as the 9/11 commission report mentions, that there are some American businessmen and politicians  in South Florida, who either unknowingly, inadvertently, or negligently assisted with money-laundering for the Saudis and the U.A.E. - perhaps meaning those actions as a sort of "back-scratching diplomacy," but instead - hopefully unbeknownst to them - the now-laundered money was actually going to fund terrorism  :/

Actually, that last paragraph is not just an opinion - I know for a fact  that money-laundering for certain people from Saudi and the UAE was being performed by white American businessmen in South Florida, as far back as 1998 - and not just because the 9/11 commission report expressly states it (without naming names) - but through personal experience, with a now-deceased family member, living in the area at the time.

(However, it's odd that the 9/11 commission report very clearly states that, but nobody, on either side of politics, ever fully investigated where that funding came from, isn't it? ;)

However, let me be clear - No -  I do NOT mean, or believe, that 9/11 was an inside job, or that any American businessman or politician intentionally and knowingly helped fund 9/11 or terrorism.

I simply mean that I know for a fact that what the 9/11 report clearly stated was true - that there was money laundering of Saudi and UAE money going on in South Florida, which unintentionally, inadvertently, or  negligently led to the funding of 9/11 and other terrorism.


I'm not going to give too much detail, but just enough detail so that you know that it's from personal experience, and that I'm not making this up.

Well, maybe you'll still think that anyway, and that's fine, I don't blame you - but it's worth a shot.  

So why tell it, publicly?

Well, in addition to recent terrorist events at Kabul Airport reminding me of all this, I didn't tell a soul, not even my therapist, for three years after I ran across it in 1998 - not helping was the first person I told didn't believe me  - but luckily, my therapist did, when I finally told her :)

I still don't expect anyone to believe me, even though since then, so much has happened in the world that it doesn't sound as far-fetched as it once did, and the 9/11 commission report confirmed my story.

(I often wonder what that person thinks about my story now, after  9/11 later happened and that commission report came out and confirmed money-laundering in South Florida, and it was all over the news, but I'll never ask.  Eff 'em for not believing me then.)

But I guess the main motivation is it now just feels good to not be afraid anymore to tell this truth, especially fear of this family member, who is deceased? :)

Also because people need to know that there are some people, in this country, including this family member (now deceased), who are not as innocent as they like to appear, or as they convince/self-justify themselves to believe. 

Also, don't be fooled, for one second, to believe that Trump, also in Palm Beach County/South Florida, despite all of his deflection off of himself onto others, didn't have his own dirty hands in that pot himself  ;) 

(I do not know that last particular aspect for a fact, mind you - but this family member did insinuate him, without saying his name - HOWEVER - this person was also a pathological liar and name-dropper of famous people he'd never met, to sound more important than they were, so who can say - but I DO know that at least this family member's actions turned out to be 100% true.)

As mentioned, this  family member is now deceased, so I'm no longer afraid of them.  As for their contacts, because this person was small-time, there were only a few, and I'm a nobody, so they likely won't care, especially now.  

I'm sure they know very few people would believe me anyway, or even read this blog, so it really won't matter - and if they do, oh well, as Esther said,  "if I perish, I perish" lol :)

Just joking -  that's extremely unlikely to happen -  because as I said, I'm a nobody, and any former "foreign" business associates that happened upon it will assume that readers will assume I'm lying or crazy anyway, but just in case, I won't mention the names - just the countries they were from - but I seriously doubt they would even care what a nobody like me said, anyway lol. 

Besides - this post will get buried under future posts and forgotten anyway, or chalked up to me being crazy or a liar, or whatever people need to say  - but I'm not taking it down - I'm not ever fearing telling this story again, and now I'll tell it as many times as it needs to be told - because regardless of whether people don't believe it or something worse were to happen, it is still 100% true - and it needs to be told. 

Anyway, I discovered this in 1998, while helping file away some documents for this family member in South Florida, in exchange for supposedly paying my college tuition, upon returning to college.

However, once I ran across certain strange documents which involved moving large amounts of money and gold bullion from bank to bank, at all hours of the day and night, staying in a bank for a few days, pretending to invest in this person's companies that did not exist - I told this person I didn't want to finish helping them file, because I didn't want to be involved in whatever this was, it seemed suspicious.   

I feared not only possible legal issues, but asked this person how they were certain it wasn't drug money, and more importantly, that it was  NOT going to fund terrorism?  

(Coincidently, or act of God lol, I had literally just seen that now famous ABC 20/20 special on this very subject, as that episode was the first press to warn us about the possibility of 9/11 three years before it happened, specifically warning us about Osama bin Laden after he tried once before, and also warning of about suspecting money-laundering in South Florida in 1998 possibly going to fund terrorism, unbeknownst to American businessmen laundering it for the Saudis and UAE.)

I really had hoped this person would laugh and reassure me that I had an overactive imagination, that I was crazy, and that what that 20/20 episode was warning against in South Florida didn't involve him.  That there was a perfectly logical explanation for all this.

But there wasn't - and they didn't.

Instead, they were dead serious, when their response was: 

"This is simply for these people to avoid taxes.  I'm not the only one, I'm actually small time compared to some in the area, much more rich and powerful men than me, much bigger fish in this pond.  The U.S. Treasury knows all about it, both sides of politics, they've done it for years, so nothing bad will happen.  See the U.S. Treasury stamp on them?   They're allowing it as part of diplomacy for oil rights.  We don't ask where it goes, it's don't ask/don't tell.  We can only hope that scratching their backs will result in less terrorism instead of more."

Because this person was a known name-dropping, pathological liar, I wondered if they were just making it up, to sound important - UNTIL - the threat they made ... 

"But you need to never say that out loud again -  to me, or to anyone else -  because you don't know who you're dealing with.  And not just me, this time, that you need to worry about.  I'm talking about the sort of people that will literally cut your fucking head off, AND your daughter's, if you ever breathe one fucking word of this, to anyone."

"The other option is, of course, I can always just try to have you committed for saying it, telling the psychiatrists that you're paranoid and making it all up.  Better that than your life, right?"

"Or you can just keep your mouth shut and I pay for the rest of your college tuition out of the big payout I'll get from it.  Your call." 

I will never forget my heart dropping into my stomach, the room spinning like I was in a bad dream or on that Gravitron ride at the fair, that spins around so fast, you stick to the wall and the floor drops out?

I had been hoping I just had an overactive imagination or was paranoid/mentally ill - but they actually confirmed it.

Though they were already known as a compulsive liar that name-dropped people they'd never met, I'd actually seen evidence of this one myself.  Plus they were physically abusive (which is what they meant by "it's not just me, this time, you need to worry about."

But they had me there - I was a nobody comparatively, and was already in therapy, they could just say I was a nut, and I had nobody but my daughter.

And as IF this person didn't already blow all their money in the first week, and would never pay for the rest of  my college anyway, but now I didn't want his dirty money anyway.  

I had my suspicions before, but I'd never take a dime from this person, now.   

You may think that's stupid, that I should've taken the money (which would've never happened anyway, they blew money the second they made it) and keep my mouth shut, plus this person  owed me - but if I have nothing else, one thing I DO have is my integrity.

You see, unlike this person - and people like Trump - my soul is NOT for sale :)

But this person didn't realize that, nor that they didn't have me in a corner as they thought, either altogether ;)

Though I said ...

"Oh, okay, well, I guess I choose committing me then, because, as you say, it's better than a beheading - as if THAT isn't complete scare-tactic bullshit - and I'm not taking a dime of your dirty money or lying for you, either.  I AM effed up,  after all this shit this family has put me through, so yeah, let's go with option B - I'll go to a psych evaluation and we'll both find out how how crazy I am" ...

... and agreed to meeting this person at the local mental hospital on Saturday (and they accepted that answer, because they knew I was usually honest to a fault) ...

Honest to a fault except when it comes to my/my daughter's safety - so instead, I piled my daughter and my stuff in my car and skipped town in the middle of the night, with my heart beating faster than a Kentucky thoroughbred until I crossed that state line LOL!

That was the option was never mentioned, and the only one I was actually good with - plus a final "F you" to this person AND their money ;)

But I didn't sleep for a few months after, out of fear -  from both this person and whether they were telling the truth about whomever they were warning me about, if that part was true -but considering I was staying with my grandparents at first, I knew I was fairly safe. 

So I told not a soul until 3 years later, not even my therapist, and  I never had contact with this person, or that side of my family, ever again, other than to answer the phone to take a condolence for my grandmother's cancer. 

After 9/11, I did call the FBI, who actually called me back a couple of times for more info, but told me they could never tell me the result, only that they weren't after anyone else in that side of my family, they'd be safe, just that person.

In fact, they said they weren't even after this person, just their Saudi and UAE contacts - in fact, nothing would happen to them from a legal standpoint, if they simply turned over/provided their contacts info.

(The reason they told me this is that I hesitated telling everything, because I wanted to be sure my motivation was to help the country, rather than punish this person in revenge.)

Regardless, I never heard a peep after that, under than the call in 2007 from that person, with their condolences for my grandmother.

This person also asked me if I needed anything.

Me:   "Yeah - but not a big wad of your dirty money.  I need you and ___ to take responsibility for how much the two of you effed up this family, without blaming each other for it.  If you can do that, call me back.  If not, goodbye.  I'll forgive you in my own time, but for now, I'll just say that I'm sorry I ever knew you." 


Person:  "Well, well, you're not as weak and stupid as I thought, are you?  Good for you, you've finally grown some balls - erm, I mean a backbone - I'm proud of you!"  


Me:  "Actually, I always did, and despite you - it's just whenever I tried to show it, somebody like you, with more power than me, tries to gaslight me, trying to convince me/everyone around me that I'm crazy to discredit me, instead of just taking responsibility for the crazy shit they've actually done affecting me. Oh, btw -  how's your nose?  Never mind, rhetorical :)" 


Then I just hung up, laughing myself silly lol.

I was laughing at the "How's your nose?" part,  because I was referring to the time when I was eight years old and this adult person was "trying to teach me how to box," telling me I was too weak, but was really just bullying me, by hitting me repeatedly.

When they dropped their block to laugh at me, for refusing to hit back -  I socked them right in the nose - and broke it!


They thought it was an accident, that I wasn't smart enough to plan for it -  but that's exactly the moment I was waiting for, and the only chance I had with an adult literally beating me. 

Now, they told everyone it was an old football injury that had resurfaced, instead of admitting the truth - which was that an eight-year-old girl that he was bullying, by pretending to teach her to box, but really just beating on her for being "too weak," broke his nose when he dropped his block ;)

Ya know? 

There are very few times in life, where you ever even get the opportunity to confront the person that wronged you, and find the words to say exactly what you always wanted to to say or do at that time - but that time, perhaps my one and only time, I did it  - successfully :)

And of course they never called back to take that responsibility I asked them for ;) 

The next and last thing I ever heard about this person was that he had died in May of 2019, but there's no obituary and no information on their whereabouts at the time, we only know they're truly dead because a family member confirmed it with the social security office.  

However, as I told this person who discovered it at the social security office - just as I told the FBI in 2001 - this person actually had three social security numbers, which despite being traumatized and shaking like a leaf, I at least had the presence of mind to copy down on the back of an envelope in the process ;)

Regardless, I do believe this person has truly passed, because apparently his wife has moved far away, which she had been terrified to do, when he was alive.  She could never leave or he'd kill her, and we knew that.

Oh, and by the way?

Though he said people on both political sides knew about the money-laundering for the Saudis and UAE, and allowed it for "diplomacy" -
 the family member actually doing it was a staunch Republican, as were his even affiliates, who were much bigger,  in Palm Beach County/South Florida. 

Believe that or not, but it's the 100% God's honest truth.

So when I tell you I know for a fact this went on in South Florida  - I mean it.

Regardless, back to South Florida and the Saudis,  I think it's very odd that Trump's relationship with the Saudis is so close, especially with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, bailing him out of bankruptcy - twice - and his refusal to investigate them over Khashoggi's killing - don't you?

Also, I find it very odd that ISIS seemed to calm down, during his presidency, without he, or anyone, kicking ISIS ass with any real impact to accomplish it, don't you?  

And that suddenly, they're ramping up again in Afghanistan :/

Hmm.  I'm not saying they're connected, and it could even be coincidence - I'm just saying those aspects, and the timing, are ... odd.

What I'm 100% certain of is that it's wildly inappropriate that Trump just boasted about his "bigger terrorist kills" versus the killing of the "one-hit" wonder that was Osama bin Laden, suggesting that he "wasn't a monster" versus other terrorists

Oh, grow up, ya giant baby - this is NOT a pissing contest between presidents  - but if it was, YOUR one-hit wonder against ONE ISIS  faction, that did NOT "end ISIS," was nothing,  compared to the killing of the man that orchestrated the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil in history that was 9/11,  which killed nearly 4,000 citizens!

You've never actually seen up close any military action a day in your life, you never served - in fact, you hid in your bunker because of unarmed protestors! 

But then I can understand why OBL doesn't seem monstrous to you, because you, yourself, are a monster - you'd probably be besties, if he were still alive.

Regardless, if I was family member of a 9/11 victim, though I don't condone violence, I'd understand if they punched him right in the face, for that comment.

I wish to God someone had the balls to investigate any of this, but no one will out of fears of losing oil rights  - they all just want to look like they're "handling" it/in control of it, when in actuality, it would be more truthful to say the Saudis are in control of them, and just let them look like they're in control, and they know it  ;)

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