Wednesday, October 25, 2023

We Withdrew from the Pet Contest (Below Post).

Apparently, someone got overly competitive and downright creepy over it (or their friends did).

Because in addition to creating - or enlisting friends to create - at least one proven fake account to get extra votes for their dog/comment positively about them, they then proceeded to use that fake account to leave negative comments about the other dogs, including my 6-month-old puppy! 

So ... creating a fake account so you can vote more than once and bash your new neighbors' dogs,  just so you/your friends will win a stupid apartment-complex pet-costume competition?

Wow. Too cray-cray for me!

Over something that was supposed to be a fun neighborhood contest to bring the neighborhood together - and they are ALL cute dogs!!!

So rather than confront them, I just wrote an email to management to quietly withdraw from the contest - and they removed Ziggy's post for me (as well as reported the obviously fake profile to Instagram).

You may think that's overreacting and letting them win, but I've learned to pick and choose my battles, especially on the internet.

Also, IMO, why would I want to compete with the sort of person who would create - or enlist friends to create - even one fake account to get extra votes and is willing to diss others' dogs? 

They've already proven they're unstable and will stoop low - why would I want rock that boat in my own neighborhood, here in Guntucky! lol.

Nope, no thanks, not worth it  - I'll just let them have it, FFS lol. 

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