Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Misadventures of Ziggy Pug, Volume I ...


So ... Ziggy really, really hates his new coat.

He stood in the corner, lowering his head as if the hood was way too heavy for his head.  LOL!

You can see it all over his face.

His face is a cross between sad and pissed, and the cartoon bubble coming out of his head might say something like: "Please, Mom - I really, really hate this (BLEEP)ing it.  Take it off me at once, you sadistic (BLEEP)!" 


Okay, all right, I did.  Way too big for him.

Later, to get me back (just kidding, he was actually just trying to get my attention while working), he pulled more stuffing from the couch ...

(Forgive my gravelish voice in this second one, my allergies started acting up later in the day ;)

... and ended up with a new goatee!

Too early for Santa beards, Zigs lol. 

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