Sunday, October 22, 2023

The New Governor Beshear Commercial, Also Telling A True Horror Story ...

Just like the last one that I shared. 

Current State Attorney General and Republican candidate for governor, Daniel Cameron, did indeed cosign a letter to Congress to oppose a potential federal law that would protect the privacy of pregnant women traveling out of state for healthcare, specifically for abortions.

The argument was to "obtain evidence of potential violations of state laws" (meaning abortion), as well as accusing the press and the Biden administration of trying to paint them as prosecuting pregnant women as criminals.


Erm - pretty sure you did that yourselves, in that same letter, ma dudes.

Because what other good reason could you possibly have for opposing a law protecting the privacy of the medical records of pregnant women traveling out of state for healthcare than, as you stated yourselves, "obtaining evidence of potential violations of state laws" so you could prosecute them?

Exhibit A of extremist, Trump-style Republican hypocrisy - they claim they don't want to be tracked or monitored or told what to do by the government on things like healthcare (vaccines and masks)  and especially guns - but are A-OK with it when it's a person of color, an immigrant, a non-Christian, a Democrat, or even just someone who is female.

(BTW, if you looked up "Uncle Tom" in the encyclopedia, I'm pretty sure Daniel Cameron's face would be the accompanying picture. He is a person of color, himself, but has been personally groomed by Mitch McConnell to become his protege, allegedly since high school - thus, he really has no choice but to do the GOP's bidding as their lackey, as he owes them much - and he knows supporting Trump is his career ticket at present in Kentucky)

But I digress - can't have it both ways, Republicans - everyone should be equal under the law, justice is supposed to be blind.

Wanting to reserve the right to track pregnant women's healthcare and out-of-state abortions to assess for potential law-breaking is not only the epitome of fascist-style government overreach, it's also just creepy as hell.

You know what I think pregnant women of Kentucky should do, whether they receive their healthcare here or out of state, like in Cincinnati?

Just start sending (bombarding) Daniel Cameron's office with all the office notes from your prenatal visits, making sure that your doctor has gone into graphic detail about every yeast infection, every hemorrhoid, every breast or vaginal discharge, ever bowel issue - all of it. LOL!

He'll think twice before he ever even thinks about obtaining the medical records of pregnant women again! 

Of course, I'm joking. Kind of? ;)

Trump Extremist Republicans - officially creeping us out on the regular since at least 2015.

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