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Sunday, February 9, 2020

RuPaul On SNL ...

As I mentioned at the end of this post - I adore RuPaul, absolutely adore him :) 

Last night, he hosted SNL - and he was fabulous, of course.  And the ratings went up, of course.  

However ... it was like SNL didn't know exactly what to do with him?    

It wasn't his fault or the other players - it was clearly the writing.  It's like they wrote the skits 10 minutes before the show lol.

Some people dissed his monologue, because it was half-funny/half-encouraging positive pep talk - but that's RuPaul. I liked it ...


Next time, SNL, try talking to RuPaul about how best to showcase RuPaul -  nobody knows better than RuPaul on how best to do that ;)

For anyone who still doesn't know who RuPaul is - does this holiday cover of Vanity Fair ring a bell? :)

PS - Oscar night tonight, folks - those who end up on "worst-dressed" list should perhaps consider giving Ru a call for style tips next time  :)

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