Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Guillermo and His Tequila Banana. On The Red Carpet. LOL

In case you've never heard of Guillermo, he's former studio security-turned-Jimmy-Kimmel's late-night-talk-show cohort (I guess?)  

For some reason, this year, he was on the red carpet - with a tequila-filled banana, doing shots with the nominees. Hilarious.  

I'm surprised how many of them went for it, but it's cool - it proves at least some of them don't take themselves too seriously.  Like I said before, I love Scarlett Johansson the person, I just don't know if she's Oscar material as an actress (yet)  :) 

I especially love the card for Meryl Streep that he makes everyone sign that says "Sorry, loser" lol.  (She wasn't nominated this year.)

PS - I would totally do a tequila shot with Guillermo, if I was there, by the way - Vera Wang dress and snobs, be damned lol.  Oh, and note even my girl Sigourney does a shot of tequila with Guillermo lol.

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