Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Update on Leftover Bevin BS and Kentucky Public School Employee Dental Plan Confusion

I wrote a post earlier this morning, that I said that I'd either take down or update, once the problem was resolved to my satisfaction.  

Well, it isn't yet -  but I am to a point that I trust that it will be.  

However, I did want to restate that it is true that under former Governor Bevin, our State of Kentucky changed public-school-employee dental plans 3 times within the last year, without giving us a warning or a choice, and most of us got stuck with paying for 2 dental plans for the entire year of 2020 as a result (one of which the state terminated its contract with, and we can't use).

However, we have just discovered that in addition to the state-level mess Bevin left us with on regarding benefits, there may have also been local-level error as well, not catching the dual enrollment in time. 

All I know is the following:  

1)  We are NOT going to pay for 2 dental plans for 2020 -  one we didn't even ask for in the first place and can't use - and this had better be corrected within the next 2 weeks.  

2) The person responsible for the switches to begin with was our former Governor (and Trump lackey), who was one super-corrupt, super-shady A-hole.

If you're not from Kentucky, you may not be aware of the multitude of ways he screwed state employees (especially teachers), but you may recall how 
Governor Bevin made international news twice?  
The first time was when he lost his bid for re-election, this past November, despite Trump rallying for him, here in Lexington, the night before the election.

The second time he made international news was during his last days in office, Bevin pardoned over 600 criminals, to include convicted murderers, and even 2 convicted child rapists - most of whom, not surprisingly, had either donated to Bevin's campaign or had family members who had donated to his campaign ;)

Don't you love how the smellers are always the fellers, when it comes to Trumper corruption - trying to deflect and project their own crimes onto everyone else? ;)

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