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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

PS Speaking of Godless Government Pardons, Trump's Pardons and Ponzi Schemes

I swear, I wrote the below post about Bevin's pardons (including 2 child rapists, whose families had contributed to Bevin's campaign), before I heard the news ...

 Trump just pardoned Michael Milken.

For those who don't know, Michael Milken is the undisputed king of white-collar crime and the king of "junk bonds" (semi-legal, glorified Ponzi schemes) -- defrauding and embezzling millions from everyday Americans' retirement and savings funds.

Don't you people remember the S&L crisis?

It was largely sparked by Milken and others emulating his tricks - our market and economy partially destabilized in the late 80s and early 90s because of Milken's actions (and copycats).

Milken pleaded guilty -- and was found guilty -- on 98 counts of racketeering, securities fraud, insider trading, and other securities offenses.

In factas then-mayor of NYC -- it was Rudolph Giuliani's legal team that helped convict Milken, but Rudolph Guiliani and team have curiously been pressuring Trump to pardon him since 2018 -- and you Trumpers aren't even going ask why or even raise an eyebrow at that?

Okay, well you do realize that the evil-genius character of Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) from 1988's "Wall Street" - who uttered the words, "Greed is good" - was largely based on Michael Milken, right?

Until Trump, Michael Milken was known by both parties as a sociopath in a suit. No, wait, worse -  Satan/Mammon incarnate in a suit lol.

What's that, you say, my supposedly Christian brothers and sisters who are Republicans?



Okay, well how about these then?

Also pardoned was  Judith Negron - whose Miami "mental-health company defrauded Medicare of $205 million in Medicare dollars. 

How about this - this should stir you Republicans at least a little?

Also pardoned was Rod Blagojevich, the shamed and imprisoned former Illinois governor who got caught ON TAPE of trying to sell Obama's former Illinois senate seat.

Blagojevich was a Democrat - but like many baby-boomer Democrats, he became an avid Trump supporter.

Still nothing?

So whose next - Pol Pot, Moamar Quaddafi, Idi Amin, Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler, posthumously? 

Satan himself? 

What's that you say? 

I can hear it now -- based on actual excuses former Governor Bevin gave for his pardons, as well as excuses Trump supporters  make regarding Trump  ... 

"Well, that was centuries ago. Satan's a changed man, now. Trump, in his infinite wisdom, has determined Satan has been rehabilitated during his cushy, minimum-security, federal-prison-like earthbound stay, until Christ's return."

"Poor Satan, his case was biased and botched by corrupt, liberal FBI and fake news - they lied about the Father of Lies, you see, because of politics."
"Satan's a fallen angel, imperfect and flawed, like we all are. But he's a Christian, he believes Jesus is the son of God. He just fell, like we all do, but he's still our Christian brother. Therefore, we should just forgive Satan, let him go - pray for Satan as our Christian brother. Plus he contributed to Trump's campaign, cleaning the swamp!"

What. The. BLEEP. Are. You. Talking. About? 

I mean - did you just hear yourselves? 


Yeah, no - fairly certain Christ meant forgive in your heart, not enable them/escape consequences for actions, particularly criminal ones - especially not for selfish political and financial gain.

Clock is ticking on time to change your mind, Trumpers, time is running out. But you still have time.  Less than a year, though.   

Regardless,  do realize that political pendulum is going to swing back to the left someday, with at least equal force as it swung your way (if some don't give it an extra push, with a vengeance). 

You're going to have to answer for your support of Trump someday, you know - how you sat and watched him and his corporate cronies' corruption dismantle our economic infrastructure to benefit themselves corporations, screw the middle and working class -  with no more labor or consumer protection laws, either.

Remember, with Milken, the economy initially did well, and there were initial returns on investments - that's how Ponzi schemes work, to keep you "hooked" and invested.

However, American markets and the economy eventually temporarily and partially destabilized as a result of Milken and others like him sparking the the S&L crisis of the late 80s and 90s.

And of course, other than initial gains, in the long run, it never "trickled-down" on the investors or the lower classes - because it was being financed by the lower classes, mostly pensioners.
Pray tell, how exactly does that differ from communism?  

Do you justify that by saying it's corporations instead of government? 


Because the end result of both extreme capitalism and extreme communism is exactly the same - the 1% of the population is at the top and in control, the rest of us our labor for them - period. 

What's it going to take for you Trumpers to realize you've fallen for the biggest Ponzi scheme in American history? 

Or do you not care, as long as your politics are in power?

So, here's a couple of questions to help you decide. 

1)  Do you understand the actual definition of political corruption? 

2) Do you not care about political corruption as long the person supports your politics?

Okay - but you do realize that not only are supporting corruption  (and therefore need to quit b*tching about it), but you are corrupt yourselves, by definition?

Last call, Republicans, still time to change your answer and help restore a healthy balance between extreme capitalism and extreme communism - as well as redeem yourselves as self-proposed Christian brothers and sisters - before you become partially responsible for the economic mess that is coming our way, courtesy of Trump and his cronies corruption.

Tick tock, tick tock, though - time is running out. 

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