Monday, March 25, 2024

PS - Update: Israel/Gaza Cease-Fire

The UN's security council passed the latest cease-fire agreement, but it's only temporary during Ramadan.

After China and Russia vetoed the first attempt, the US vetoed the second and third attempts, because the language was "permanent" cease-fire, on the grounds that they wanted to broker to get the remaining hostages back first.

After changing the language from "permanent" to lasting, the US . abstained from voting on a permanent cease-fire without hostages being released.

Okay, I get that ... but then I also don't ... because not sure NOT halting fire is going to help to get any hostages back.

It amazes me that so much of this violence is still based on religion in 2024, that we've learned nothing from history, and most astonishing is that each faith - including our own - wants to suspend our usual nasty that we do in God, Allah, or Jesus' name because we want a holiday, griping that no one will respect our faith, when we don't  even respect the teachings of our own faiths, when it's not a holiday! 

Also, in this day and age, IMO, we should be careful that the problem is truly about "persecution of faith," rather than the current, loudest MISrepresentatives of that faith aren't just a-holes, cherry-picking and twisting scripture for their own benefit, playing the victim.

And by that I mean, Muslim, Jewish AND Christian leaders, either in faith or government, or both.


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