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Oscars Afterthoughts ...


Well, I don't know about y'all, but I'm still an hour behind today after the time change!

So I'm gonna post on the dresses later, but for now, some quick afterthoughts.  Okay, maybe not so quick, but I will have to write it and edit later 😂

So whereas last year was clearly about redemption and second chances for a few in the industry, this year had no message or theme at all, politically or otherwise (making me wonder if everyone heard the message within American Fiction loud and clear 😂.)

In fact, IMO, we are finally rewarding innovation and talent for talent's sake, regardless of skin color or faith - giving those stories a better shot now, of course - and telling new stories or old stories in a different way than we've ever seen before!


AND ... no one slapped anyone else and it was pretty apolitical, actually, surprisingly so (despite what Trump grumbled about like an angry old man on Truth Social).

And Jimmy Kimmel did very well again as the host, moving things along and keeping them even-keeled with no overly controversial jokes (again, also despite what Trump shadow-boxed from Truth Social), which is one of only two times politics were even mentioned, when Jimmy mentioned Trump's post.

As I said, IMO, it wasn't about politics OR representation, this year - because if that were the case, then Lily Gladstone and Killers of the Flower Moon would've swept everything, but she/they didn't - it was about pure innovation and talent. 😞

In some ways, I'm very sad they didn't receive more awards because though I haven't had time to see the 4-hour film yet, this was an extremely important story to tell. 

So I'm not sure why Trump said that, other than the fact that some people of color were nominated and won?

If he had actually seen their performances, maybe he would get why, but I doubt he did, nor could he see the talent displayed (particularly by best supporting actress, Da'Vine Joy Randolph in the grief-stricken scene in the kitchen of The Holdovers) ...

... but even if he HAD seen any of these performances or films, he'd never get it anyway due to his racial bias. 

I just don't get how he can be THAT negative, ugly, and whiny and people eat it up and want more, it just floors me.

But I digress - otherwise, I absolutely loved, loved, LOVED taking five former Oscar winners to introduce each of the nominees in a personal way, a powerful way ... 

The Best Supporting Actress was the most emotional, perhaps because it was the first of these, but they all were very touching.

This may sound odd, but if you were a nominee, it must have been like listening to your own eulogy at your funeral, but in a way that you got to hear it live.  

You could see the nominees trying to hold back tears, or sometimes, just letting them flow, but regardless, the sincere gratitude for the accolades and congratulations from real friends, mentors, idols, and peers was especially affecting and nice touch, such that I found myself thinking "Why hasn't this been done before, this is brilliant!"   

It was also just simple kindness and encouragement, on a night that not only do you know that everyone is judging every little thing you do to gossip about the next day, but you may not win - and yet their words will resonate and encourage you for a lifetime  😂

I'm not sure, but I think the former Oscar winners got to pick which nominee they introduced?

I say that because some of them clearly mentioned personal details as their friends, as they lauded them? 

Then again, maybe not, because I know that Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are very good friends, but Sally Field introduced Emma, so it also could be that Sally chose Emma because Emma has mentioned being influenced by Sally as a mentor? 

It works either way, but can you imagine that the person that made you want to do what you do in life,  standing on stage in front of God and everybody, now introducing you, congratulating your nomination and why you deserve it, welcoming you into the club and passing on the baton to you? 

Even if they didn't cry, I know I  did 😭😭😭

Otherwise, of course, the one I didn't have time to see, this weekend, won it all, but I knew that it would - Oppenheimer!

Well, I'm sorry I haven't seen it yet, give me a break, it is three hours long and I rarely sit down to watch a regular 2-hour movie without pausing it to get stuff done as it is!  

(This is why I post something often stream-of-consciousness, grab some quick photos, and then come back to edit later -  time!)

I was curious to see how Cillian Murphy would react to the whole Oscars thing, because I understand that in Ireland, being a "movie star" isn't as lauded as it is here; they'd rather you sit at the pub with them and behave just like everyone else, rather than "put on airs" about anything.

He seemed rather reserved (well, he is anyway) and unaffected about the whole thing, right up until he was standing on stage looking at a room full of his peers, half of whom probably made him want to be an actor when he was a little boy - and the first thing he said was "Wow, this is overwhelming," as many do. 

It happens so quick, when they call your name, and until you're standing onstage realizing the gravity of the moment, that it's really happened, that you get how important it is, who's shoulders you're standing on, and how every dream you had as a child has just come true and you've just joined the "greats" club! 

Well, not true ... the first thing he did was give the most tender, romantic kiss to his wife Yvonne.

(I apologize for the source of this video, but it was the only one, at present, to show it from the front view that we saw it live, versus other press photos from behind them.) ...


... after which (not in the clip), and then she touched his face and either said "I love you," or "Proud of You," (not sure which,  I was lip-reading lol- and THEN he allowed himself to be hugged and patted on the back by those around him before going onstage. 

We actually saw all of this from the angle in the clip, a better angle from the front, but regardless, probably the best, most romantic, Oscars kiss moment I've ever seen 🥰

Congratulations, Cillian!  

Okay, I haven't seen Oppenheimer, I knew you had it in you - anyone who has seen Peaky Blinders did.  😂

Speaking of being overwhelmed, Emma Stone's reaction at winning Best Lead Actress was THE best.  

She looked completely stunned, as if they didn't just call her name  😂

And that is because she wasn't expected to win, Lily Gladstone was. 

Then her dress broke in the back immediately, which she cutely mentioned right away in her speech, adding that she thought it happened when Ryan Gosling performed "I'm Just Ken" live 😂

Otherwise, her speech was a quirky and disjointed, of course, after her dress broke, plus being overwhelmed, but but that's Emma - and we love her for it.  

 Here's the entire piece of Best Lead Actress with nominee introductions ...

This is why we love both Emma, AND one of her besties, Jennifer Lawrence - who touchingly helped her walk backstage with their arms around each other, like a sister helping her navigate and just simply deal with the gravity of this moment.  I couldn't find a picture of it, but here's a backstage view of just after.

Now - having said that, I had to twist my husband's arm to watch Poor Things because he said he thought Emma Stone was "plastic?"

Me:  "Emma Stone?  Erm ... are you sure you're not confusing her with somebody else?  She's one of the most quirky, goofy, genuine people in Hollywood.  She's got that Lucy or Carol Burnett quality."

So then I showed him clips of her on talk shows to prove it and he was still like "I guess so.  Let's see if it's real and not an act;, let's see how she acts if she wins."

So after THAT quirky, little-girl-inside speech after a wardrobe malfunction, I turned to him and said "Still think she's plastic?

Mark said "Definitely not plastic!  Not sure why I thought that, she IS pretty goofy and loveable."

Yep - and that's why we love her.  😊

And as I said in the post below, her performance in Poor Things was very impressive, it removed her from being typecast as the pithy, sarcastic college girl.

But I think Sally Field said it best in her introduction:  "It is an unforgettable and endearing character, created by an actor who is always surprising, who refuses to be categorized, and like Bella, is completely original."

Here, here 🙂

And here are Emma and her mentor, Sally, together backstage ... 

Other favorite moments?

- Billie Eilish's nearly equally shocked look for her win.

-  The banter between Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling about the "Barbenheimer" rivalry.

- John Cena's nude introduction of "Best Costume Design"

- A years-clean-and-sober Robert Downey Jr.  finally winning an Oscar after previously destroying his career and nearly himself, roasting himself and thanking his "terrible childhood" for the win.

- Of course, the moment that popped Emma's dress (and mine), Ryan Gosling's live performance of "I'm Just Ken" ... 

I would love to end this quick-afterthoughts post on that note, but I would be remiss not to mention the most important thing said during an acceptance speech of the whole night -  and it's not political.

Cord Jefferson, after winning best adapted screenplay for "American Fiction" - which I thought was a brilliant film - said this: 

“This is a risk-averse industry — I get it. But $200 million movies are also a risk, and it doesn’t always work out, but you take the risk anyway. And instead of making one $200 million movie, try making 20, $10 million movies.”

I literally stood up, from my living room, and clapped when he said that, Amen!

It should be about quality above quantity in all things - and if this Oscars was any indication, we're heading in the right direction :)

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