Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Okay, We Get It, Joe Biden is Old - But So Is Trump ...

Yes, we have two nearly-elderly presidential candidates, not just one - Biden is 81, but Trump is 77.

But if we don't stop picking on just Biden alone about his age, we are going to have a repeat situation of 2016, and nobody wants that!

As for dementia, I'd really like to see those MoCA or MMSE test results -  for them both, actually - because I'm not sure Trump did as well as he claims.  

In fact, he was making up shit that isn't even on there, and I know, because I've transcribed the dictated results in reports from them many times.

So ... if you can't remember what's on the test, later, or you make shit up later, doesn't that actually leave you suspect for having dementia?  😂

Also, we know that any time he brags about something, usually the opposite is true.  And these aren't intelligence tests, these are short-term memory and cognitive-functioning tests!

And did anyone ever stop to ask themselves WHY a doctor felt that Trump needed to take the MoCA in the first place?

Of course not - but I can assure you that  there was a reason a doctor felt they needed to administer the test, it wasn't just for kicks and giggles.

The other day, he confused Obama and Putin again during a speech and was met with confused crickets.  And let's not forget his confusing Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi and accusing her not protecting the capitol building.

So careful, people - they're BOTH old, but this is what we've got to work with. 

Do you want Trump as president again?


Then you'll stop throwing shade at JUST Biden based on age alone.

Now, Biden's bugging the living shit outta me lately, diving in head first with Israel without thinking - already knowing that Netanyahu is a corrupt, far-right, overly nationalistic a-hole.

Then trynna act like "Oh, no - now Israel is taking things too far, they're destroying the Gaza strip and killing too many civilians,  themselves!"

Well, duh, what did you think was going to happen if you took sides - one faith/culture wants to decimate the other!

So for God's sake, if you're going to get involved, then help mediate, don't take sides!

As I said from the beginning, what Hamas did was a horrible terrorist act, so yes, help Israel get the hostages back, but don't get into bed with Netanyahu at the helm of this thing, as you do it, he cannot be trusted.  

There's a difference between the Israeli people and their current government, right now, and to blanket-generalize an entire country or race based on their leader isn't fair - it's like saying the whole U.S. is like Trump. 

(Okay, that one may be semi-true at least - only half the U.S. is like Trump, to be fair.)

Dang, if Jimmy Carter wasn't in hospice, you could ask him, because mediating between Israel and Palestine was like the one thing he was really good at 😂 At least look to his legacy on this one, dang.

And yet even still, my PTSD triggers every time I even think of Trump as president again and his angry impact on our culture 😂

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