Friday, March 22, 2024

The Smellers are the Fellers: Who's Actually Obstructing The Immigration Border Reform Bill and the Israel-Hamas Cease-Fire

*Updated after temporary cease-fire passed on 03/25/2024

For those of you who either only read right-wing press or who do read it, but are still hiding/twisting sh*t so Trump can win - here are the facts; not opinion, facts. .

1) Senate Republicans blocked their own Immigration Border Reform Bill on February 7th -  at Trump's request.

He first said he supported it in January, then said "Not to bother, Democrats will block it" - and then finally, in February, urged Senate Republicans to actually vote-against it/obstruct their own bill, without giving a reason why -  and they actually did it!  πŸ˜‚


Just because Trump said to, without giving a reason. 

Noooo, that's not cult behavior or anything! 


In fact, all Democrats voted FOR the Republican-drafted, bipartisan-preapproved bill, but in the end, only 4 Republicans did. 

Even Mitch McConnell voted against it, despite helping draft it and arguing FOR it just a few hours before the vote!  πŸ˜‚

2) At the UN today, Biden's proposed cease-fire between Israel and Gaza was vetoed by Russia and China.


(They also failed to condemn Hamas's initial acts as terrorism, and of course, invasion of the Ukraine, so go figure. )


Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist - though this part is admittedly opinion rather than facts - this is an election year.

He wants the credit rather than Biden, for both of those things, and his far-right-wing, nut-job buddies in Russia and China are willing to help.

Now, it's not the first time a shady politician has obstructed a bill so he can receive credit later, making his opponent look bad, just the first time a party has been willing to obstruct their own biggest-complaint-issue bill,  just because their candidate told them to! 

In other words, MAGA Republicans - and other authoritarian-government nut-job allies of Trump overseas - are now willing to allow the continuation of all the chaos and violence they've complained most about with both immigration and Israel-Hamas - just so Biden can't accomplish anything and Trump can win this year's election?

Right,  Trump Idolators, because again, this is totally something Jesus would do, right?  πŸ˜‚

Speaking of what Jesus would do, where in the bible can I find that we should keep giving billions of dollars to a millionaire/billionaire politician's legal defense - despite one of those things being attempting to overthrow democracy that we all saw live on TV  - rather than giving that money to the actual poor, need and oppressed as Jesus encouraged?

Where is THAT in the bible, the Gospels or Corinthians or-?


So ... y'all know that all religious cult leaders that have gone to prison for criminal activity thus far even murder, have still lost very few followers over time, smoking-gun evidence, right? 

Guess y'all will do likewise with Trump, maintain he was innocent and wrongly persecuted until the very end, despite clear evidence as to his guilt.

But still ... not a cult mentality, right?  πŸ˜‚


PS - What's also new in politics besides cult mentality is people believing stuff on social media is fact just because someone they don't even know said it on X, which in this day and age, could even be a bot.

This is not "proof" or "truth," it's opinion.

Even opinion should have at least some facts involved that are just speculated on, but in this day and age, any Joe Schmo - who secretly has a history of schizophrenia - can say "Candidate X has a vestigial tail and is an alien" on social media, without any proof or facts at all, and people believe it.  πŸ˜‚

It seems that far-right-wing people are especially susceptible to this, and in particular, seem to have a lot of trouble separating fact from opinion.

Either they don't understand the difference, or they do, but they don't care, they just want to place the power of suggestion out there so their candidate wins.

Not helping them is that press in general doesn't separate fact from  editorial opinion like they used to, on both political sides, but right-wing press is the worst about click-bait tabloid "journalism" that doesn't bother to separate fact from fiction, and often makes stories up entirely.

It reminds me of a high school friend, back in the 80s, whose Mom believed every word in the National Enquirer was the REAL truth, and nothing we said could deter her πŸ˜‚

We would try to point out that people got paid to tell stories there, and no one would buy them if they were boring - that doesn't mean they're true, it just means they want money.  We tried to show her the difference between speculation and facts, but to no avail.

At the time, most people knew it was garbage, but today, it's like everyone believes tabloid is truth!

My point is, with such people, don't even try - they see what they want to see and presenting actual fact to them just makes them angry/upset. 

You could have security footage and 73 phone videos of Trump shooting someone, his fingerprints on the gun, and they'd still say he was innocent and being persecuted, because that's cult mentality!

FYI, here, on my blog, I'm no journalist, of course,  and not perfect,  but I do try to delineate what is fact versus my opinion, as I did above, but most often I make jokes with a question mark about what that politician - particularly Trump - said was fact.

And I've been wrong a couple of times and have said so later in a PS.

So my advice would be, never trust anyone on social media or blogs that presents something as a fact and truth rather than opinion that doesn't cite credible sources.  And at this point, with AI-generated stuff everywhere, if they show you a picture or even a video without  giving you a credible source or context, it is suspect.


UPDATE:  The UN's security council passed the latest cease-fire agreement, but it's only temporary during Ramadan.

After after China and Russia vetoed the first attempt, the US vetoed the second and third attempts, because the language was "permanent" cease-fire, on the grounds that they wanted to broker to get the remaining hostages back.

After changing the language from "permanent" to lasting, the US . abstained from voting on a permanent cease-fire without hostages being released.

Okay, I get that ... but then I don't ... not sure NOT halting fire is going to help to get any hostages back. 

It amazes me that so much of this is based on religion, and that each faith, including our own, wants to suspend theπŸ˜’ usual nasty shit that we do in God, Allah, or Jesus' name because we want a holiday, griping that no one will respect our faith, when no one respects their own religious instruction, scriptures, or faith every other time! 

Also, in this day and age, make sure the problem is truly about "persecution of faith," rather than the current, loudest MISrepresentatives of that faith aren't just a-holes, twisting scripture for their own benefit.

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