Tuesday, March 5, 2024

PS - Trump Compares Those Crossing the Mexico-US Border to Hannibal Lecter 😂😂😂

So ... y'all know that Hannibal Lecter was a cannibal, right?  😂😂😂

Not to mention, a fictional character???

But okay, wow - who knew there were a lot of white, male, Harvard-educated, forensic-psychiatrist cannibals illegally crossing the Mexican-US border?  😂😂😂

(He also compared their Spanish language to "languages from Mars" without apparently realizing our own language of English heavily borrows from Latin, too. Regardless, it's pure racism.)

So he acts like he's semi-joking, but at the same time, he's rambling on about insane asylums, and apparently, this isn't the only time he's said it lately - and his whole schtick is power of suggestion to cause panic.

Now, you would think that MAGATs  - Making America Great Again Terrorists -  would finally say to themselves "Okay, this is absurd, it's pure fear-mongering propaganda to win an election, now," over this one. 

Nope, they're already buying up straight jackets and bite-muzzles masks in preparation for the onslaught of cannibals  😂

(Ah, if only they would use them on themselves and their fearless leader.)

Settle down, MAGATs - ain't nobody releasing cannibals on America, c'mon.  😂

I guess the whole "criminal, rapist, and pedophile" fear-mongering thing wasn't working out so well for him anymore, considering he was found guilty of at least 2 out of 3 of those crimes himself (and the third is still in question considering his close friendship with Epstein.)

But not to worry, if you read the books instead of just watched the movies, then you know that Hannibal only killed and ate the rude/offensive and the self-important-but-unqualified/stupid  ... oh, wait, never mind ... yes, y'all especially should worry. 😂

(He also killed anyone that caught onto him or wanted to turn him in, but if they were nice and a good person, he apologized as they lay dying, and he didn't eat them later, so there's that? 😂)

Okay, we all know the border crossings are a problem, but comparing them to cannibals to cause panic?

Totally something Jesus would do, just to win an election.  Very sane, not demented at all (see previous post).

(Cough, cough).

But where would Trump be if he didn't have his power-of-suggestion, panic-inducing speeches based on BS?

Thank you, that'll be all for today. 😂😂😂

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