Thursday, March 28, 2024

PS - Interesting Update ..

*PS added. 

So as mentioned, I'm looking for a second job or contract, due to work slowdown, and I have noticed a new hiring trend - AI skills assessment training.  This is just an update to that post below. 

As I said, I scored "proficient" on all, but I was curious about what it took to obtain the upper-echelon levels on these tests, which initially were listed as "very proficient" and "expert"  - so I went to Reddit, where there were several threads, with a lot of backlash (see below).

As of today - and I cannot speak for the third-party assessment tests being used by employers - but as for Indeed, they have since changed their skill-assessment test results to only either "proficient" or "not proficient,"  on at least the tests that I have taken.

I can't be certain, but this wasn't there a week ago, and there was a lot of backlash.

Though I personally didn't complain to Indeed, or post anything on Reddit, I presume that many did complain, because the following changes weren't there a week ago (at least on my view).

Now, you can actually see the score-range levels of the tests by clicking "i" on your score for more information, your profile skill-assessment page.  

Sorry, AI fans - though it may be a cheaper, quicker way of finding candidates, clearly, we are not at "Captain's log, star date" AI computer level yet, and perhaps never will be. 

Because AI still thinks first in binary terms, it does not know how to interpret non-finite/gray areas or know what to do with them, and completely misses subtle nuances, sarcasm, idioms, and innuendos. 


PS - I will add here that Indeed seems to have the best of the bunch as far as AI, as crappy as it is.  Their algorithm for job searching is at least close to what types of jobs you search, if nothing else.

On two other sites I use, it sends me emails like this:

"We think you'd be a great fit for this job:  Licensed real estate broker."

😂Oh, hell yeah -  because I'm totally licensed and have ever done that in my life, or ever once searched for anything even remotely close to that! 😂

But on a good note, I did receive a request for an interview yesterday on a contracting job through Indeed.

On a bad note, Indeed sent it to my old Gmail from 10 years ago, even though I changed my email and profile information last fall.

Thank goodness I checked it yesterday!

Nevertheless, I accepted the interview invitation and told them about it coming to my old email address that I only use for subscriptions now.

Regardless, of interesting note, Mark told me yesterday he read an article not long ago about these job-recruiting sites, the changes in them; specifically Indeed and ZipRecruiter (before they started implementing these tests).

He can't remember where he read the article now, but the article said that Indeed has a lot of jobs that the employers either never closed after hiring the person, or Indeed failed to close that are now "ghost jobs."

That makes sense, because also yesterday, I got an email from a place that I applied and tested for a month ago, that said they closed the job months ago and apologized.

The same article said that the reason ZipRecruiter sends you nonsense that doesn't even match you is because certain companies pay for advertising for their jobs, every hit gets them a certain amount.

Allrighty.  That explains both of those things, then.  

Indeed worked just fine for me before, to get my current contract (who creates, administers, and scores her own testing). 

Thus, it seems to me, as is often the case, the more bells and whistles these sites try to add, the more problems both employers and prospective employees are running into.

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