Thursday, February 1, 2024

Who's Afraid of Taylor Swift? πŸ˜‚

Trump and the political right.  

They're suddenly terrified that she might endorse Biden (again?), and Rolling Stone reported that they have announced a "Holy War" on Taylor Swift.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


A pseudo-Christian jihad on Taylor Swift!


Oh, they were serious.

So, let's see ... she's a white, straight, natural-born U.S. citizen, raised a Christian (and recently said she still believes in God and Jesus), who is dating a white, Christian, U.S.-citizen NFL player, so you'd think it'd be their dream.

All she does is write and sing non-political, varied-genre songs that people of all ages can relate to and that parents have no problem with, her OR her music; in short, she brings people joy/

So what's the problem, MAGATS?

Oh -  she also happens to be a Democrat, dohkay.  

And yet, still ... a holy war on her, seriously?


Talk about a witch hunt - what has she done to anyone?

(Well, besides writing relatable breakup songs about old boyfriends.)

And hello, as IF she didn't endorse Biden already in 2020; so why is this suddenly an issue?!?

And other than re-endorsing Biden,  what's the worst thing she could do; write a break-up song about America falling out of love with Trump?

Run for president herself? 

Hmm, actually? lol.

What's also hilarious is that recently, at a breakfast out with friends during Thanksgiving weekend, I was semi-joking that as long as we're hero-worshipping unqualified celebrities into  the U.S. presidency, why not Taylor Swift?

She has the fan base, the money, and the power to beat him -  and if these were my only two choices, Trump or Taylor, I'd definitely vote for Tay-Tay! πŸ˜†

(Well, except for the fact that she won't be 35 until December of 2024, and according to the US Constitution, the POTUS must be 35.)

Speaking of Taylor's power, in 2023, 18-year-old voter registration jumped 1,226% within one hour after Taylor's Instagram post with a link to voter registration.

Also, name one thing about Trump - OR his MAGATS - that is "holy," I ask you?


And think about this, MAGATS - how many people has Trump actually turned away from Christ, as the result of his greedy, boastful, dishonest, belligerent, fraudulent, bearing-false-witness, criminal behavior?

Oh, wait - now I see the problem and why this is suddenly an issue ...

Trump apparently expressed to others that he was upset that Taylor was awarded Time magazine's Person of the Year, instead of himself, bragging that his fan base is bigger and that he'd win against her. 

So the REAL issue is, Trump's poor wittle ego is bruised over Taylor being chosen over himself as Time Magazine's Person of the Year; thus, he fears she has a bigger fan base and is more popular than he is, so he paranoiacally considers her a threat πŸ˜‰

Jealous, much, Drumpf?

And why are you so obsessed with the size of things - overcompensation for tiny ... other things?

Trump should just be glad Taylor doesn't turn 35 until December of this year, or else he wouldn't have to worry about Biden, he'd have to worry about HER running for president. 

Suddenly, there's all kinds of crazy theories about the Superbowl being rigged by Biden for Taylor's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, on the KC Chiefs (a relationship they say is a government "handled" ) - theories that don't even make any sense.

Now, I'm not saying that games aren't thrown, but as has been proven in court, it's usually by bookies with individual players or groups of players, and this IS in Las Vegas. 

Worst case hypothetical scenario, the NFL commission itself, or media networks themselves might for ratings -  but NOT the government or politicians.

Additionally, the powers that be at the NFL have largely proven themselves to be conservative, even Trump-supporting (especially coaches)..

Did we already forget the whole NFL furor and black-listing of Colin Kaepernick over kneeling-for-the-flag?

And remember when afterwards, Trump as POTUS demanded that anyone kneeling for the flag be fired, but most weren't, because though generally, the NFL as an organization (and especially the coaches) are largely Republican/Trump supporting, they didn't like anyone in government telling them what to do, so ...???

(Well, probably not - because modern Republicans apparently have the attention span and short-term memory of gnats - which the GOP realizes and takes full advantage of. )

And if you think the NFL has changed that much, in 7 years, think again.

I'm also not necessarily saying Taylor and Kelce's relationship is legit, maybe it is, maybe it isn't - maybe someone is insincere, or maybe it is PR-controlled, who knows.  If were the the latter, it wouldn't be the first time in the entertainment world. 

Then again, Taylor famously did not sit silent when her former record labels refused her the rights to her own songs, so it doesn't seem much like Taylor would ever let anyone control her, even PR people.  She's a pretty smart gal - she's not going to do anything that isn't good for her PR, but at the same time, is pretty genuine.

Regardless, point being, there is zero chance that either their relationship, nor the Superbowl, is actually politicallygovernment-controlled.

Again, I think speculation like that is projection on the part of MAGATS, as they are the ones who want to throw away democracy and for Trump to be like a king or a dictator, with too much control over things like that, and it's pretty obvious Trump's marriage is a loveless sham.

Especially hilarious is Newsmax, Fox, and other conservative outlets denouncing the idolatry of Taylor Swift.

Erm - hello?

Yawn, more projection. 

And methinks Taylor would never ask anyone to storm the capitol, at least - but I can't promise Swifties won't storm a MAGA rally, if MAGATS keep up this "Holy War" crap.

Only they wouldn't have guns, they'd just sing and dance, all up in your face, in flash-mob style - wearing cardigans, of course, with fairy and angel wings on their backs πŸ˜‚

Regardless, I think she should title her next album "Holy War," with  THIS picture of her, as an angel! πŸ˜‚

Along with a remixed version of "We are Never, Ever, Ever, Getting  Back Together," dedicated to Trump on behalf of America.

Hehehe, I say "Bring it, MAGATS.  Taylor and her angel army of Swifties are ready; armed not with guns, but with under-age-65 votes, cardigans, and fairy/angel wings, singing and dancing all up in your face.  

And don't forget Taylor's BF and his brother, as well as their teams, the KC Chiefs and Philly Eagles, whom I'm quite sure would NOT be singing and dancing in your faces (but perhaps ON your faces?) πŸ˜‚

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