Friday, February 16, 2024

Putin's Lame Attempt at Reverse Psychology, Navalny's Death

*Edited, content added.

Putin really does think Americans are that gullible and stupid, as well as that Biden is as easily flattered as Trump.

How many really believed him when he told the Russian state television "Biden is better for Russia?"

(Only MAGAts raising their hands, right now 😂)

Dohkay - despite the fact that the holdup on approving a new budget in Congress is MAGAT Republicans refusing to support Biden's request to giving more aid to the Ukraine???

Now, if that were actually true that Biden was better for Russia, then your MAGAT Republican congress members wouldn't be holding up the new budget over aid to the Ukraine, now, would they? 

C'mon, MAGATs - you know that makes zero sense.

Are we as stupid as Putin thinks?

Because the only way that Putin's statement is true, or even remotely makes any sense (at least that I can think of), is that hatred for Biden makes Trump, and himself, more popular, and thus Congress keeps holding up aid to the Ukraine.

Also, knowing that Russia's invasion of the Ukraine was unpopular on both political sides - except with MAGAT Republicans - it was also perhaps a lame attempt at reverse psychology - thinking if he said that about Biden, people would vote against him, believing they were colluding. 

So in fact, it may be a bit of both - reverse psychology AND not revealing the actual meaning of that statement isn't a positive compliment for Biden.

Because Russians are famous for being able to give what sounds like a compliment, but is actually throwing shade - dry humor, making a joke with a stern face and not laughing at their own joke. They're even better at it than the British

But the ultimate proof is Trump saying "Now, that's a compliment."

Erm - now, we all know how firmly shoved up Putin's arse Trump is, and also how Trump cannot stand when anyone even appears to slightly criticize him, so that mild response should let you know something's up.

Then outspoken Putin-protester Alexei Nalvany, imprisoned for protesting Putin, suddenly dies today, in the "Arctic Wolf" prison that he was put in, after being just fine and healthy, yesterday, on film, mind you - and being poisoned once before.

To which Biden didn't play around, when he said "We don't know exactly what happened, but there is no doubt that the death of Navalny was the consequence of something that Putin and his thugs did."

That's a fail, Putin - you megalomaniacal, amoral piece of (BLEEP).

Not all of us are that stupid, or distracted ego strokes and shiny objects.

You and Trump are two narcissistic peas in a pod - the only difference is, you're smarter.

I hope you, and your buddy, Trump, float off into space together, on the back of your alleged anti-satellite nuclear missiles, in a sort of co-cult-leader murder-suicide pact, and you can take your "believers" with you 😂

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