Wednesday, February 21, 2024

God Deliver Us From the Ignorance of the Political Right ...


Apparently, the State of Alabama Supreme Court ruled that it considered unfertilized eggs of women as children, so UAB has paused fertility treatments.. 

UAB is allowed to retrieve the eggs and even freeze them, but they cannot combine them with the father's sperm in the lab/develop them, and then insert them into the mother's uterus, or they face criminal charges.

What is the basis for this ruling - because they think God should  combine them instead of humans in a lab and then insert them in the uterus or-? 

Okay - but y'all think God would be A-OK with retrieving and freezing a "child" for later use?  😂

Oh, but wait, never mind - because you can't use them later, that's the illegal part. 

So why the hell would freezing eggs be okay, then?

Because some backwoods evangelical preacher wants to "increase in number" by personally fertilizing the eggs and inserting them himself?  😂

That is the most absurd and asinine court ruling that I've heard yet, regarding women's health from the religious right.

If that were true, then we women would lose a child every month when we menstruate! 

And what about 9-year-olds that start their period, are they losing children?

What are we supposed to do, stay pregnant all the time or we lose a child each month in the eyes of the court?

Well, that'll be news to my 55-year-old uterus, who is just finishing menopause and sometimes still bleeds, that my eggs are automatically still viable children.

(No, they are NOT viable eggs anymore, actually, or I'd be pregnant.)

Does that also mean every time we eat chicken eggs, we're eating baby chicks?

I don't think so.   The eggs must be fertilized by the rooster first.

No word yet on whether or not a man's sperm is also considered a child, of course, just women. 

Y'all realize none of this makes any sense, right?  

And I'm pretty sure you all can't speak for God like you think you can, and in fact, it's the epitome of arrogance for you to even try.

Oh, Lordy, Alabama, you're more backwoods and ignorant than we Kentuckians ever even thought of being, and that's saying a lot.

These couples are trying to have a child, not abort one, you idiots! 

Why do politicians/the government now also get to decide how and when couples get pregnant? 

And here's something you'll understand - fertility treatments are one of the few money-making/profitable procedures you can undergo - you prepared for that much loss in revenue (and thus taxes) to state university hospitals?

God deliver us from their short-sighted, narrow-minded, Dark-Age ignorance!

I'm so embarrassed for them - because not only do they not seem to understand how the female body even works, nor how these treatments work, but because they're too ignorant to even know they should be embarrassed!

Also, please deliver us from the sort of religious men who cannot understand the bible as an evolving scripture, cannot see the difference between OT and NT and where Christ was going, and view women as nothing more than breeding chattel for children.

Because I know that isn't the way YOU see us, or you wouldn't have given us a brain and a voice - and the way Christ treated women versus men with this mentality is proof.


PS - Republican Presidential Candidate, Nikki Haley - who had a child herself through in-vitro fertilization - said “Embryos, to me, are babies ...embryos created through I.V.F. are considered children.

For the ignorant, embryos are fertilized eggs.

Well, at least one Republican understands basic biology, and of course, it's a woman.

See, this is why a bunch of men shouldn't be making all of the reproductive decisions for women, you need more female input on such matters..

(There's on woman on the court, but I'm not sure if she voted for or against it, but her single vote wouldn't matter against the otherwise all white men anyway.)

Because especially men like these don't know enough about basic biology and physiology for women and don't care to learn;  they only care about external anatomy, what's on the outside of women, unless it's a child inside. 


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