Tuesday, February 13, 2024

I'm Sorry That Asking Other White Christians To Take a Look at Themselves in the Mirror ...


... and how we've treated others through history (or stood by and did nothing, or didn't even notice, because we were so enthralled with ourselves) is so threatening - especially to modern Republicans (but not exclusively).

How fragile and falsely entitled ARE we, that we feel the need to make ourselves the victims, and non-Christians and people of color the villains, just because they asked us to take off our white-filter glasses and take a look at ourselves and our culture in the mirror? 

No need to panic, get defensive and make up conspiracy theories, which are really out of deflection of guilt and paranoia that non-Christians and people of color will seek justice, retribution, or even revenge for the way we've treated them throughout history.

You do realize that you're more likely to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by acting this way, right? 

Grow up and man up, fellow white Christians -  it's a very simple process.

It's not that hard - you listen to their experiences and perspectives, you self-examine/examine our history and culture, you take responsibility for what's true, you make amends, and you vow to become more aware and to do better - period. 

This post was in response to reading how a Michigan state rep in Oxford, Michigan - the same location as a deadly school shooting happened, where the first parent was also charged and convicted (manslaughter) - posted "Replacement Theory" BS on social media.

The shooter was NOT motivated by the theory, but the parents were political conservatives who believed guns for kids were A-OK, and there have been four mass shooters that have touted this bogus theory.

I'm not even gonna take the time to explain this absurd theory which has no proof or basis in reality, but the basic premise is, that Jews and people of color are supposedly out to replace us and reduce the number of white people, especially through abortion. 😆😆😆

Again, the theory has no factual evidence or proof of its claims whatsoever - it's totally deflection of guilt and paranoia-based nonsense.

Like I said, just some paranoid white people, terrified that there will one day be a reckoning for the way we've treated  non-Christians and non-white people, now just making shit up, after lying on their fainting couches and needing smelling salts - just because some people of color asked them to take a look at themselves and facts versus fantasy 😂


PS - If anything, WE are the ones that have done all the replacing ...

Replacing paid labor with slavery, including raping female slaves as sexual property, and using their populations as votes, without letting them actually vote - and then after slavery is over, still exploiting minorities, immigrants, and other vulnerable groups for low pay and poor working conditions, doing the jobs we're too entitled to do ourselves/don't want to do anyway, and still trying to find ways not to allow them to vote.

Replacing, enslaving, displacing and killing the Native Americans ,  just because we wanted their land and felt falsely entitled to it as "manifest destiny" and imagined we were better deserving of it because we're Christians, repeatedly ignoring treaties we signed with them, forcibly and abusively converting them to our faith, stole their children and mandating them to boarding-school boot camps (to further be abused) and later forced their women into involuntary abortions, and killed them or forcibly moved them to territories we believed had no economic value, until oil was discovered on their new lands, then forcibly moved them again or killed them again, even in the 20th century (the Osage). 

The same in Latin and South America, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands over silver and sugar, as well parts of Mexico to become Texas, just because we could and wanted it for ourselves. 

(I would say Mexico can have it back, but that's an insult to Mexico - so I'll just say Texas can have Texas, the rest of us don't care what happens to Texas 😂)

Or how about the UK waltzing into India and forcing them to serve themselves and their monarchy, without actually giving them the benefits of being a UK citizen?  (I guess they were supposed to feel grateful because they introduced British tea and railroads with high prices to ship goods at low prices, or something, I don't know.)

Or in addition to forcibly taking and trading human beings from Africa, later waltzing in and forcibly replacing parts of Africa, particularly South Africa, with a bunch of rich, white people, over diamonds etc., then having the audacity to implement segregation over them with violent consequences in their own country.

And of course the obvious -  Hitler and Nazi Germany, trying to march across Europe to own the world, and exterminate all the Jews along the way, scapegoating them for all their problems (as well as Catholics, people of color, Slavics, LGBTQ, the disabled and anyone that did not fit their mold.

And though we try to replace and meddle in the Middle East with U.S. ownership, those countries with vast oil reserves aren't having it - so then, of course, we vilify them and go to war over it with false claims of weapons of mass destruction, trying to make them appear an even worse threat than countries that actually do have nuclear weapons like China and Russia. 

In modern times, how replacing American jobs with outsourcing to other countries like India, China, etc., paying them for pennies on the dollar?

Heck, now, we're even replacing even skilled human labor with ethics-troubled AI!

Who's behind that, people of color, women, and immigrants?

Nope.  The usual suspects - predominantly rich white men.

Oh, but hell, no, Republicans still trynna act like our biggest problem is "foreigners replacing our jobs"  and the non-white-collar mostly non-violent petty crimes of poor people? 

I don't think so - WE have done all the "replacing" ourselves, via rich white people (usually men) in power, often using military force  - who have consistently used minorities with less power as scapegoats to blame all our problems on, betting on the fact that they can't fight back, villainizing them, and making up conspiracy theories, if they ever even try. 

We need to stop projecting - because our biggest problem is imagining we're better than everybody else and that we deserve - and that God intends for us - to take the best for ourselves, without paying for it.

And of course, we forget that neither our own genetics nor our religions are pure, as well as and that not so long ago, we were the illegal immigrants, often running here because of for our versions of faith, and that when our illegal ancestors arrived, not so long ago, our own heritage was often under fire and scapegoated for problems in America (Irish, Italians, Polish),

We also forget that we are NOT innocent when it comes to our own world headaches, and in fact, they are the direct result of our need to conquer, or at the very least, meddle in everybody else's business.

(I do not condone terrorism by saying that, I'm just saying when it comes to aggression towards the U.S., it's not in a vacuum.)

There's a difference between justice VS. revenge that most white people do not seem to understand and would do well to learn the difference between. 

Though the want of justice can turn into revenge, this can easily be prevented by welcoming justice. 

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