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An American Fairy Tale/New American Royalty?


Tay Tay and Travis 😂

Well, one thing is clear - I don't know about love, but they do genuinely care about each other 😂

(And I say that not because of this rom-com kiss moment, but something else I mention later.)

And despite Trump's best efforts to insert himself and politics into football - again -  everyone promptly ignored him and politics altogether 😂

In fact, it may have been the most unifying super bowl we've had in years, despite which side you were on.  

Because IMO, it was about love of the game and love of the melting pot that is America in general again.

Everyone likes both teams, so all would've been good either way, but it was a nail-biting OT ending, just the same - and Taylor brought new girl fans to the game who were previously uninterested.  

In addition to NFL representatives testifying to this occurring, many grateful dads have come forward, saying that said their daughters are  now asking them about football now because of Taylor and creating bonding time.

The game itself didn't actually show Taylor all that much, unless Travis did something incredible or when there was a touchdown.

There were a couple of other times, the camera showed her, for like a half second, but it was almost like a regular fan-cam moment -  to include her behaving like a regular fan, getting caught hugging Blake Lively (who I didn't recognize at first with curly hair) while singing along with "America the Beautiful"  - caught on camera, to which they both looked surprised the camera was on them and giggled.    

And then one with Taylor standing all by herself and singing and swaying, while everyone else was talking.  

I can't find a picture of it, but it was super cute - like something a little girl would do.

That's what I like about Taylor - the quirky little girl is always still in there, singing and dancing all by herself and not caring who sees it, pulling up the straps on her top repeatedly to keep them from falling, just a regular gal, no matter what. 

We women of a certain age have watched this girl grow up right in front of us and feel very maternal towards her, I guess 😂

Super proud of her for not standing on stage with Travis, Mahomes, and Coach Reid and their families, just staying on the floor, letting them shine, while she waited in the wings on the field with Donna Kelce.

As you can see, no Taylor on stage with the team and their families ...

'Atta girl, Tay-Tay, that's the way to do it - though you moved heaven and earth to be able to be there for him from Tokyo - stand aside and wait in the wings to let your man and his team take center stage and shine -  just as he does for you 😊

Taylor is not one to intentionally upstage anyway, she's actually usually the one getting upstaged (who can forget the Kanye "I'monna let you finish" moment)?

Now, I hate to be a downer, but I DO need to say one thing that worried me and appeared a red flag about Travis - his temper.

Going after Coach Reid like that, grabbing his jacket and screaming in his face?

Oh, no - no, sir - that's some serious rage, as well as ego - who grabs and roughs up their own coach like that on national TV during the Super Bowl?

As former Cincinnati Bengals QB said, "I don't like that. That's not okay."

The others on the commentator panel said "Well, he was frustrated that he wasn't in to help Pacheco, and Pacheco fumbled it in the end zone," making excuses.

Nope, I agree with the Boomer - that is NOT okay. 

In fact, mark that down as a red-flag moment. 

That was one moment where the camera didn't show Taylor after a Travis moment, but I did wonder her thoughts.  

All I can say is, he better never direct that rage towards Tay Tay - because he'd have an army of moms and daughters to contend with, if he ever did!

But on a positive note, when they finally met after the game, on the field, all of that aggression, all of that crazy "fight for your right to party" yelling on stage, seemed to just melt away when Taylor walked up to him.

You could physically see his shoulders and body relax, when she embraced him, he seemed to physically melt - how gentle he was with her, how gentle they are together.

He better be (grrr) 😂

All right, you get a pass for now, Travis -  but nobody ever wants to see you act like that again, with your coach or anybody else that isn't an opposing player during a play! 

Well, the other exception, other than during play, maybe with Trump, if he doesn't stop targeting you both to insert himself into everything and take credit for even YOUR success, out of his own jealous, pathological need for attention and insecurity 😂

WTF IS that, anyway - some pathetic, transparent attempt at the tired old "Divide-and-Conquer" routine, particularly trying to appeal to the male in the situation ?

Weak.  Lame.

Clearly, it's effective - and aw, everyone completely ignored you, poor baby bully.

I cannot believe that anyone sane can read his posts like that and NOT see how narcissistic and completely insane he is. 

Otherwise, back to Travis - get that temper under control, son! 

Taylor is America's baby girl - treat her right/take care of her.

Otherwise, though I'm not a huge football fan (it starts and stops too much, I like fast-moving sports), I have to admit, it was an exciting, nail-biting game, going into OT.   

As I said, America likes both teams and were good either way, but America LOVES Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and the Chiefs. 

And let's put the focus back where it belongs, football itself, and the true wonder/whiz kid that is Patrick Mahomes!

Though not a football fan, I admire the intelligence-and-talent combo - and watching Patrick Mahomes play, is a privilege. 

It's like watching a master chess player - and he's a year younger than my daughter!

He's like the Michael Jordan of football - three super bowls at 28 years old already, tying Joe Montana and Tom Brady already - and may, in fact, end up being the best QB of all time.

I can't find a picture of it, but the camera showed the exact moment he had it figured out.  I think it was with about 40 seconds left  in OT to make another down? 

For those who don't know Patrick Mahomes, not only does he have an unusual sort of side-arm throw (due to his dad being a professional baseball player), but he is a master of timing, using the time wisely, with the patience of a saint, while the rest of us have chewed all of our nails off 😂.  

Again, just like a master chess player - hyper focused on the board/field, unflinching and patient, not caring if the clock is winding down -  nothing distracts him or phases him, when he's in that zone. 

But once you see him look up, come out of that hyper-focus of looking only at the field, suddenly looking off the field to his coach and the team, smiling, then chewing on his mouth=guard, then smiling again, and give a little wave/fingers wiggle?

Watch out, opposing team, it's on - and he's likely going to win. 😂

People have often wondered what this means and have speculated,  everything from it's hand signals or some form of autism lol.

I think what this actually means was never more clear than last last night. 

I think it's a hand signal, both to himself and his coach and team, and it apparently means "I've got it, I can see it -  where all the player pieces are, all their possible moves, I've got this  - huddle up." 

It really is amazing to witness that moment - as I said, like watching a master chess player at the exact moment he's figured out how he can win - all possible moves from all the players/pieces - then executes it perfectly.

You're amazing, Patrick!

As for "rigged" games in Vegas, as I said before, though you can possibly rig  individual players (someone fumbling the ball twice, that usually doesn't, could be suspect) or even coaches, but to rig entire teams is nearly impossible.  At least a few of them will want to win a game for posterity sake, rather than throw it for money. 

You also can't rig 70-yard passes, either, sorry - however - again, you can rig individual players, like running-backs and receivers.

Then again, sometimes fumbles are just that, fumbles -  due to nerves, not your day, etc. 

Congrats, KC Chiefs - well done, well earned!

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