Monday, June 26, 2023

PS - Screen Shots of My Last 2 Emails To This Person - Requesting No More Contact - Dated December 28, 2022 ...

Considering I have received 7 emails over the past week, 5 of them threatening a lawsuit, by a member of our "new family" (after I took a DNA test for them, at my expense, to help solve a family mystery, but became uncomfortable with them and cut ties),  I am posting the last two emails I have to this person from December 28, 2022, in which I asked for no more contact (circled in red).

I am not sharing this person's emails publicly because I don't have her permission - I am only sharing my last two replies to her, dated December 28, 2022 - asking,  then begging for her to stop contacting me - then finally telling her that she was blocked from email and phone permanently - because yes, she was literally starting to scare me.

And yet she continues to contact me, now making legal threats. (Blocked Gmail goes to your spam folder.)

Also, names and email addresses have been blocked for privacy.

I have never replied to any of her attempts at contacting me since.

For background/context, this person had already text-bombed me 2 days earlier -  on Christmas Day, mind you - about how I "abandoned her" by asking them all for no more contact in November.

The impetus for this was apparently sending each of them a Christmas Card - seriously, I shit you not - which I sent to show there were no hard feelings. 

(Abandoned - seriously? We talked maybe 5 times, knowing each other for a total of 2 months!)

So going against my better judgment, I responded to her sad Christmas Day text bomb by telling her it was not a good time, my neighbors were over, and perhaps we could talk later.

Now - the only reason I went back on my own "no contact" boundary and agreed to discuss this later with her was because I felt sorry for her, alone at Christmas - how badly she was feeling on Christmas, fearing perhaps I had been too harsh when I said my goodbyes.

Then she wrote the email on December 27th, that I'm responding to here, going on and on about how "she didn't know if she could trust me ever again"  after cutting her off.

I replied that - erm - I wasn't asking her to trust me nor back into her life, in fact, I didn't want that - I simply sent her a Christmas card to show there were no hard feelings - period.

Then I said now wasn't a good time to discuss her feelings about how things ended as I was sick with a throat infection - which I really did have, and turned out to be a complication from previously undiagnosed Sjogren's syndrome.

Then I went to bed - only to wake up and find she had written me four more emails overnight, despite being asked to stop, and becoming increasingly verbally abusive.

Saying things like that I 'deserved' the Christmas text bomb for "shitting on her family" - that if I really cared about boundaries, I wouldn't have answered her, so I must not respect myself -  that I'm not some "passive seaweed," I didn't have to answer her, no one was forcing me to - and worst of all, that my husband "Should be angry with me for answering her on Christmas Day.

Now, at this point, I began to suspect the whole "I'm so sad at Christmas because you abandoned me and I'm alone at Christmas" thing was apparently just another way to manipulate/push past my "no" and "please stop" boundaries. 

Then, after I blocked her, her last email before this current round, on December 31st - entitled "Thank you" admitted that she was intentionally trying to push past my boundaries, rambling about some little experiment for herself, which didn't even make sense. 

For the record, THAT is what I meant in that post about giving me the chills - because it did scare me  - but I didn't say which new family member.  I also said only two other people have ever given me literal chills like that in my life. 

Like this person, both admitted to consciously emotionally manipulating  me, to push past my "Please, just leave me alone" boundaries, just to see if they could - and then laughing at me at my "weakness" and "stupidity"  if I did believe them and cave

It scared me because this is not normal-range behavior for a grown adult, especially someone with whom I only communicated  a handful of times over two months - and of course, she wouldn't stop - and became increasingly verbally abusive and aggressive each time I asked her to stop. 

Bully behavior, yes, but more than that - I believe it may be pathologic - but that is just my opinion.

In fact, that - combined with repeatedly attempting to contact me after being asked to stop and being blocked  - is dancing dangerously close to the legal definition of stalking, harassment, and terroristic threatening for the legal threats being made.

Regardless, these are those last 2 emails to her on December 28th, with the first email split into two screen shots (because I couldn't fit the whole thing in one screen shot without it being tiny - see my requests for her to stop and that I was blocking her permanently, when she wouldn't, circled in red) ...

As you can see, just as I stated in the post below, I went from asking her to stop -  to literally begging her to stop.

She replied with some more snarky, accusatory stuff, to which I didn't take the bait - and just sent this last email that I was blocking her from email and phone - permanently 

Despite her persistent contact, again, I have never answered her, ever again.

Thus, if I am sued, that is exactly what I will say - and more importantly, what I can prove - in court.

So if you're going to sue me, then just do it already - enough with the threatening and harassing emails.

I never said who gave me chills in that post anyway, so ... guilty conscience speaking for you? ;)

Yes, it's true, you scare me/gave me chills - gee, I wonder why? LOL

Yes, I questioned whether drinking was involved, because of what appeared to be slurred speech to us in two late-night calls - because I was trying to give you an excuse for suddenly behaving so bizarrely!

However, those are just my opinions. 

What is NOT just my opinion, and is actually fact - what I CAN actually prove - is that you were asked twice not to contact me - and then told you were blocked - and yet you persist.

Does your family - and this supposed attorney - know you're continuing to contact me, after being asked not to and blocked six months ago, threatening me five times of a lawsuit in the past one week? 

I doubt it ;) 

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