Monday, June 26, 2023

7 (More) Harassing/Threatening Emails: 5 on June 18th and 2 on June 25th


... to my spam folder, from the person in our "new" family (via DNA test) that I had asked for no more contact from this person, and she was blocked in December.  

(When you block someone in Gmail, their emails go to spam.)

I just happened to notice them while checking my spam/deleting emails to free up space. 

I continue to not reply/respond to this person's emails, of course, threatening or not.

Good luck with suing me - because I do have email proof from December 27th through December 31st - that I at first tried to calm this person down, reason with her, then asked her for no more contact, literally begging her to stop, I didn't want to have to block her.  Instead, she became increasingly verbally abusive, so I blocked her (meaning all subsequent emails go to spam) on December 28th -  because as I said, she was literally starting to scare me!

But of course, she continued to write more, over the next couple of days, which I did not respond to, and she finally stopped on December 31st.

All of those emails - plus the new 7 emails - have been saved - and will be forwarded to our attorney today.

I'm not sure if there's a reading comprehension issue or what - but the post mentioned in these new emails as the impetus - which is the second before last - clearly stated why I was writing that post, and it has not been touched ...

But once again, I wrote it because my older sister might be reading, (who I'm not in contact with)because she didn't believe I wasn't in contact with  anyone from the "new" family anymore and behind it all  (out of her fear that someone is after the estate).

Though my mother and little sister told her repeatedly that I wasn't, she still didn't believe it  - to the degree that she wrote the genealogist to ask her if I was in contact with you (which was wildly inappropriate).

Thus, rather than open up contact with her, I decided to state it myself, in my own words here, as well as WHY I chose to cut contact with the new family - discomfort with the lawsuit towards the hospital, constant pushing me to find various ways to push past my mom's "No" answer for contact with you, and finally, those crazy emails from this person at Christmas. 

Gee, I ... wonder why I said I felt there were boundary issues, wanted to protect my family from this behavior, and that I literally got chills from one of you - it's a real mystery isn't it? lol.

Now - as I've said before, I'm not very litigious, but after prior experience with similar behavior, let me amend that now to the exception to that rule - if I try to walk away from a person or a situation, and yet they keep following/harassing me/threatening me - then I might.

So do I really need to file a restraining order/harassment against this person or will she just leave me hell alone now, please, and let me walk away and live my life in peace? 

Because short of restraining order, I don't know what else to say or do to make her stop contacting me, because I've tried everything else, but this - FUCK OFF!  GET A LIFE AND LEAVE ME ALONE."

Dang, after this, I can see I really didn't need a DNA test to prove you're definitely family lol.  

I just feel sorry for the more sane family members, who I did mention by name, who are caught up in middle of this and what to believe, but I won't be there to pressure them in the middle, I walked away from both sides now, specifically for that reason.

Most importantly, I can only hope that Rita and my mother can still find a way to find some peace and healing despite all the crazy :(


PS - To my immediate family ... *IMPORTANT*

Please save the stamped-and-mailed letter a member of the new family sent to you in late February, as well as any other communication received from them -  because this person also claimed that no one from their family contacted you, and that YOU all contacted THEM. 

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