Friday, June 9, 2023

Dear Families ... From "Mule"



*Edited - heavily. Material added.

*I had more here originally, but I have removed it as I said it in a text to some members of my family of origin already - and some things have been clarified since then that I had misunderstood - and some things weren't any clearer at all.*

At this point, I understand that Rita and mom will finally be meeting over Zoom, which is all you said you wanted, Rita, Ger, and Heather - so why continue the lawsuit?

As I've said repeatedly, I want no part in your ridiculous, unnecessary lawsuit.

 I think it's a very poor idea, pushing an already stressful situation to maximum drama capacity unnecessarily, making 2 elderly people's lives, in poor health already, even more stressful - and for what?

I think you'll find it will not solve anything - it will not heal any old wounds - it will only make things worse.

Also, the situation breeds distrust and paranoia because there's money involved - and if there are any chinks in the family chain, they will break.

Now - let me say this - I have given a lot of benefit of the doubt here and several chances for a few of you on both sides - i.e., this was a shock and emotions were high, you'd calm down when the initial shock wore off, you had a history of trauma, etc. (In fact, most people say I gave you all TOO many chances, for too long - a chronic problem for me).

Then I walked away from any contact in November except for Mary (but the last time we even spoke was early January) - after the lawsuit and constant pushing me to push my mother into contacting you after she repeatedly said no, made me uncomfortable - and yet initially, there were no hard feelings.

In fact, I still sent Christmas cards -  specifically to show you I had no feelings - but then one of you behaved like an absolute (drunken) psychopath, now, didn't you?

And surprisingly, it wasn't Ger.

In fact, there are only 3 people in my life who have ever given me literal chills - my ex-husband when drunk, an internet psycho I once knew - and this particular member of your family. 

But despite this, I still left my DNA results still for you to use for your lawsuit, so as not to be vindictive, now, didn't I?

Because it wasn't Rita's fault you two appear to have absolutely zero boundaries or self-control (well, one of you just when drinking) -  and hate it when somebody tells you "no."

I said I would still allow you to use my DNA under 2 conditions, well, really just one - that you waited for my mom to contact you when she was ready, if she ever did, as well as that you did not harass my family - specifically, that you did not contact/involve my daughter and try to go through her now to push my mom.

Then what did you do?

Exactly the only two things I asked you not to do, which I said I'd I'd delete my results for.

Thus, two of you have now taken advantage of/used up all the benefit-of-the-doubt. compassion, and mercy for you that I had left for you. I need to reserve those things for reasonable, sane people lol.

So as much as I don't want this lawsuit - and I pride myself on not being a vindictive person, letting go and letting God - not only have I deleted the DNA results, but we have contracted an attorney - and not a Kentucky one.

Thus, you will really have to fight tooth and nail for my compliance on anything at all, for your ridiculous lawsuit. 

If I am deposed and asked my opinion against my will, it's not going to be helpful to your case, I guarantee it.

Now - as some may recall, the reason Pap changed my nickname from "Pete" to "Mule" was because he said I reminded him of a mule he once had, and not just because I was stubborn.

Shortly before he died, he explained the reason:

"You see too much, just like this mule I once had. That's why we put blinders on them. I had this mule once and I was trying to hoe a row and he sat down, brayed, and would not go a step further. I'm ashamed to say I beat that mule, cussed him, but he wouldn't budge. I finally realized I was getting too mad and walked down the row, wiped my brow, and looked up just in time to see that there was a hornet's nest in the crook of the tree, but on the other side of the tree, where he couldn't see from where I had previously been - and the mule was trying to warn me it was there."  
"You remind me of that mule. You see stuff that other's can't see or don't want to. So when this happens, you have three choices. You can: 
1) Walk on ahead with them and get stung.  
2) Sit down and bray once and then let it go - let them think you're crazy or stupid or lazy - you'll be safe.  
3) Sit down and bray again and again - but if you do that, not only will they think you're crazy, but distracting them from seeing it themselves, and worst of all - you'll probably get your ass whupped!"


I've finally learned that lesson. (I think.)

Thus, the Mule has spoken lol.

I have seen the hornet's nest -  a big one - on both sides.

In fact, if it weren't for my mom, Rita, Aunt Mary, my little sister,  and my daughter, I'd be getting my popcorn, watching as you eat each other alive (but still try to play the victim of each other), because I think the rest of you deserve each other, on both sides.)

Regardless - consider this my braying once about it and letting it go.

The rest is up to you.

Lastly, and once again - please remember, this is NOT ABOUT YOU - this is about Mom and Rita - let them speak before YOU do - please?

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