Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Puppy Weekend! Barren River Lake State Resort Park ...

We originally had plans to continue our tour of Kentucky's State Park Lodges, until we made plans for Ziggy puppy to join our pack - so instead, we met the breeder at the halfway point between the breeder in Tennessee and here, which is a resort we've been to before (2017), Barren River Lake State Resort Park - and here he is, just moments after we got him, in his daddy's arms  :)


So this past weekend was time to pick up Ziggy Knoxville!  

The famous pug head tilt ... :)

Here he is, following his daddy, then running to mommy when he realizes he was too far away from mommy (he's definitely a momma's boy) ... 

And shaking his new toys (he prefers the ones bigger than his head? lol

He's a ferocibeast!  When puppies attack! 

But his favorite toys, mind you, are none of the gazillion toys I bought him - it's the roll of plastic puppy poop bags - and this - a decorative pine cone I dropped on my porch getting boxes out last week.

The pine cone has a stem and he carries it around like a pacifier ... and is now shredding it on my couch.

AND  - I'm not allowed to have it back, no ... 

Oh my God, he is SO cute that I can't even handle it!

Right now, Brookie is avoiding him at all costs - but here's as close as they've come, so I have hope :)

(Notice that Ziggy is flat on his back with his paws up, sound asleep :)

And here's a cool story - I was watching him play in the grass at the lake and chew on my shoestrings, thinking about how much I wish Marian could see him, and I looked down to find THIS stuck to the side of my shoe ...

It's a cross earring.  And it's not mine.  And I have no idea how it got there, stuck on the side like that.

Then I looked up and thought "Is that you?"  Nah. just a coincidence.  But wait ... ?"

Some things almost seem overly coincidental, though, you've got to admit. 

Lastly, just some shots of the lake and lodge :)

Not bad for less than $100 a night, right? 

Except for the fact that the restaurant overlooks the pool.  Awwkwarrd!?!

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