Monday, July 3, 2023

Ziggy Pug's Head -Tilt Reaction to Watching Pug Videos, Dancing to Morris Day and The Time, and Playing Patty Cake with Mom :)

 Ziggy taking note of bad pug behavior from pug videos on YouTube ...

Or as I now call it, PBO (Pug Box Office).  Are there any pug parental controls? 

Yeah, speaking of which - pardon the voiceover cursing in the clip of the pug stuck in the doggy door lol - the voiceover says (speaking for the pug stuck in the doggy door):  "I'm so ...effing sick of being ... g-damn fat!" 

I didn't expect that when I started filming Ziggy watching the videos  - and yet it IS hilarious (note Mark and me cracking up in the background).

Note Ziggy's pug head tilt to it!




Just some clips I've taken of him over the past week ...

My current favorite video, Ziggy dancing "The Bird," with Morris Day and The Time :)

My favorite part is throwing up his paws on the "Bawk! Hallelujah" part LOL

And likely the cutest video of him I've taken yet, as far as cuteness factor ... 

Playing patty cake with Mom ...

Forgive the toys strewn about in the background.  He's not spoiled, noooo! ;)

Precious, precious baby ... he's my joy :)

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