Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Tox News - Erm, I Mean, Fox News - Settles with Dominion for $787.5 Million Over Election Fraud Claims ...


So I wondered if anyone else was disappointed that they didn't actually go to trial and just had to pay a fine?

And worse, that there was no part of the settlement in which Fox News had to retract their false claims of election fraud?

I see that I wasn't alone ... 


"Dammit!  I wanted to see Rupert Murdoch place his hand on a bible and burst into flames!"

Gotta love Stephen Colbert, one of my fantasy co-husbands (along with Sting, Pedro Pascal, Alexander Draymon, Michael B. Jordan, Steph Curry, and others lol).

He's a Christian liberal Democrat, like me  :)

(Yes, we do exist - Jesus is neither Republican or Democrat - but Jesus was a progressive liberal revolutionary, in his day :)

Also, at about 2:25, NBC News Jake Tapper trying to read the small statement Fox News DID release about it about their journalistic integrity and laughing mid-way through is priceless.

Then Fox News is back this morning as if nothing happened, and this is their big news today ...


What does the title of the front-page even mean?

You know what, as usual, I don't care - not gonna bother to read the actual article because it's just more false-claim, click-bait terrorization over nothing, so never mind lol.

(You would think Fox News viewers would hit some sort of threshold of allowing themselves to be terrorized all the time, but nope, not yet!)

This was not justice, this was a slap on the wrist of white collars again - and they'll do it again, wait and see. (Well, they do it every day lol.)


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