Wednesday, April 5, 2023

TangerEva Braun in Trouble: 34 Charges - ALL FELONIES!


We expected mostly misdemeanors, but because of the "catch and kill" business fraud strategy - which included shell companies to pay people off to hide negative information before an election (not just Stormy Daniels) - the crimes are ALL felonies.

Poor TangerEva Braun ...

Now that is one ugly queen!

(Not my photo)

So explanation - my husband and honorary son, B, and I made up drag names for Trump Republicans - and we decided TangerEva Braun was the best fit for Trump!


Kevin McCarthy is Kitty Viagra, mostly just because he looks like he needs it ... 

There are more, but that's all I have time for at the moment before work.

We're not dissing drag queens, btw - we're dissing Republicans obsessed with other people's gender and sex lives.

Woooo hoooo!  Let's hope the charges stick ... 

PS - For about a half a second,  yesterday, when they showed Trump's plane flying away from New York, I wondered if he was fleeing to Russia LOL

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