Monday, April 17, 2023

PS - My Husband's Encounter With Neighborhood "Trump Guy" After That Commercial


So after seeing that ridiculous commercial about the schools (see yesterday's post) because the governor's race is heating up, my husband was in no mood to talk politics with anyone.

However, he took our dog for a long walk, and of course, Trump Guy was out.  

"Oh, no" thinks my husband to himself.

We call him Trump Guy because he's about 75 years old, is always wearing a Trump hat, and always confronts you about his politics.

My husband still nodded when the guy waved from down the sidewalk, but quickly crossed the street to the other sidewalk.

So then, of course, so did Trump Guy. 

Mark let the dogs greet each other and the guy pet our dog and vice versa.

Then, of course, unfortunately - Trump Guy spoke.

Trump Guy:  "Can you believe these woke transgender people are invading our schools? I just saw a commercial ..." 


Mark:  "Sir, I really don't want to talk politics with you, okay?  Yes, I saw that commercial and I work for Fayette County Public Schools - I can assure you, what's shown in that commercial is NOT going on - NO ONE is literally  teaching on gender identity  -  NO ONE. 
"It's an absurd lie, to scare you into voting for her." 


Trump Guy:  "Well, I just don't understand all this transgender stuff, they need to be kept separate from children and people are training them to be that way?" 


Mark: "No, sir - I think we need to let other people be who they already are, as long as they're not hurting anyone else - but no one is actually "teaching" them to be that way - ESPECIALLY not in the schools here, I can assure you." 


Trump Guy:  "Okay, let's talk about crime then.  My nephew is a retired police officer and he said the problem is all them uppity black boys."  


Mark:  "Boys?  Sir,  you need to stop right there - that's enough.  We don't call them "boys" anymore.  They're the same as you and me." 
"And you're scared of crime - me too, but you know what I'm scared of?  Being shot at the movies or the grocery -  and Southern white men like you, and your hero, Trump, violently invading the capitol under the delusion the election was rigged, just to get power back, and paying people off to keep people from knowing the  billion-dollar crimes and frauds you commit." 


Trump Guy"What? I've called them boys all my life, no one said a word until Obama.  That's not Southern, people feel the same way I feel everywhere, not just the south."  


Mark: "I can assure you, not to the degree that you good ole' boys do in the South." 
"You spoiled Southern white "boys" - you're just mad because you don't get to abuse people anymore without consequence." 
"Now, I'm going to walk away now, and you're not going to follow, and next time I see you in the neighborhood, we wave and that's it, okay?  No more politics, because we don't agree." 
"Maybe get out from your armchair a little more and enjoy beautiful days like this one, more -  maybe talk to these people you're afraid of, find out how people really are for yourself, versus stuff you saw on the internet or TV that's not even true or a rare instance, freaking yourself out with it. Have a good afternoon." 


Trump Guy:  "Well ... all right, then."


I don't think I'd have anything to add to what he said except this, my  whole family being from Kentucky, had I been there:

"Sir?  I know your momma raised you better than to accost strangers on the street about your politics, now, didn't she?"

Now - I DID tell my husband to be careful, I DO worry with how passive-aggressive Kentuckians are, like this guy'll sic his racist ex-cop nephew on him or something,  but probably not lol.

I'm actually super proud of my husband for showing restraint and the things he said - GO MARK!

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