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Saturday, April 8, 2023

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - June 30th - CAN'T WAIT!!!


OMG, OMG, OMG - I wish you could know how happy this makes me!!!!!!!

I am sooooo excited about this, it's irrational!  lol

Being a film fan, I have seen so many movies in my life at the theater I can't even count, but certain movies, you actually remember going and seeing them, who I was with, etc.

For me, they are:

1. Star Wars - Summer 1977, Cincinnati, OH - 7:30 showing, age 9 - My older sister, Kim, and our friend, Jackie.  Jackie and I embarrassed my sister by running back from the bathroom, zooming back down the aisle with our arms out like X-wing fighters LOL

2.  Raiders of The Lost Ark - Summer 1981, Lexington, KY, Saturday matinee showing -  age 11-1/2 - my friend Darlene, while visiting my grandparents farm for the summer.

3.  ET - Summer 1982, Lexington Kentucky, Saturday matinee showing  - age 12-1/2, same - with Darlene, visiting my grandparents' farm - we both cried like babies LOL

4.  Star Trek:  The Wrath of Khan -  Summer, 1982, Lexington, KY, Saturday matinee showing -  age 12-1/2 - my friend, Michelle,  came to visit after Darlene, while visiting my grandparents farm for the summer.

5.  Ghostbusters - Summer 1984, Cincinnati, OH, 7:30 showing - age 15-1/2 - my best friend, Heather

6.  Back to The Future - 1985, Cincinnati, OH, 7:30 showing - age 16-1/2 - my best friend, Heather.

I also remember "Benji," "The Love Bug" and "The Apple Dumpling Gang," when I must've been about 4 to 5, but only because it was at the drive in! LOL

Summer movie blockbusters was like an event, back then, and we sort of lost that luster - UNTIL - COVID came.

Now there's an excitement to going to the movies again, it's an event again!

In fact, this will be my very first trip to the theater since before COVID - I can't wait!!!

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