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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

My New Personal Anthem: Pink's New Single, "Irrelevant" :)

Clarification added:  The song (and video) is not just about women -  it's also about the hypocrisy found in protecting the unborn, but doing nothing to protect children from school shootings (thus the lyrics "the kids are NOT all right" ),the number of deaths of people of color at the hands of police, LGBTQ legal rights, and the right to peacefully protest - as well as the fear that we all have now, either to go out in public for fear of gun violence or to even exist as one of these marginalized, voiceless people in America.

It's about us theoretically believing all should have a representation voice and rights, as well as equal justice under the law, in America - but applying those rights subjectively and in a biased manner in practice -  even finally giving all the above representation voices and rights, only to take them right back again.


I hadn't planned on a second post today - and I don't want to draw attention away from this morning's post about the Kentucky pack-horse librarians, but in a way, it's ... well ... "relevant" :)

So I just now heard/watched the just-released video of Pink's new release yesterday of "Irrelevant."

Truth be told, I needed this today - maybe wallowing just a tad in self-pity over something (nothing to do with my husband, he's great :)

The video is filled with powerful imagery, and the music ... well, not the best Pink song musically...  it's the lyrics.

Not melodic or poetic in the least, but apt - this song still hit me like a timely, much-needed, inspirational lightning bolt today - both with the state of affairs of the world and personally.

Due to this personal situation, which pricked some old stuff, at first, I felt hurt, fearful, and the old familiar feeling of powerlessness - followed thereafter by numbness.

However, the one thing I forgot to feel was angry -  that it was okay to be angry over this continuing saga, it was quite justified.

That's right, folks, brace yourselves - a woman is angry.

*Gasp* -  I do declah, whatever shall we do -  call the cops in riot gear?  The national guard?


Yeah, um - settle down, that won't be necessary - because I'm not going to do anything with that anger, but sing along with this song  :)

Thus, "Irrelevant" is my new anthem :)

(For the record, it used to be Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" - until I realized some things truly should be chalked up to lost causes lol.)

I hereby dedicate this song to the Supreme Court of the United States, Donald Trump and the Trumpets -  and certain members of my family :)

The certain members of my family are, ironically, women themselves -
who claim to be feminists that support the rights and voices of women, but are completely oblivious to their contribution to the problem by "suspending" those values subjectively, selectively, and in a biased manner with other women -  particularly me, the family scapegoat -  gaslighting, dismissing, discrediting, and invalidating, every bit as much as they claim the "toxic males"  in their lives have done to them. 




You can say that I'm irrelevant, insignificant
But I've been here all along
I'll be your heretic, you fuckin' hypocrites!

Sticks and stones and all that shit
Does Jesus know I'm innocent?
I'd like to think he'd gladly take us all"

"You can call me irrelevant, insignificant - I won't call on you at all ..."

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