Friday, April 19, 2024

Trump and Making Stuff Up ...

 One of the things you CANNOT say about Democrats is that we're making stuff up about him - he's actually saying and doing this stuff - and we just can't believe that people are falling for it.

Yesterday, Trump came at Jimmy Kimmel - again - who is hitting the jokes out of the park on Trump's trial woes - and rambled on with nonsense stuff he just made up about Jimmy via Truth Social, such that Jimmy said he should just start making up stuff about him back, like that the reason he stands weird and has a weird golf pose is he can't help it, his adult diapers are full πŸ˜‚

I'm often surprised that no one has done this, but I understand why we wouldn't - ethical people don't.

Perhaps someone less ethical than me will spread this rumor?

"Donald Trump has a vestigial tail.  It even wags when he gets excited, like after seeing E. Jean Carroll or a picture of himself!" 


But we WON'T do that, right?

Because sane people who actually are Christians - or who otherwise have ethical and moral principles - and who aren't 13 years old -  don't spread lies about other people to make themselves look better and panic people into voting for them!

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