Saturday, April 27, 2024

Kristi Noem Shot Her Own Dog!?!


I have been out at Shaker Village today, just returning home to hear that Trump's top contender for VP candidate announced in her forthcoming book "No Going Back," that she shot and killed her own 14-month dog because it was "less than worthless," "untrainable," and "aggressive."

"Less than worthless, aggressive, and untrainable?" 

The same could be said about HER!

Thus, she'd best thank whatever it is she prays to (that she pretends is Jesus) that the rest of us are NOT  complete sociopaths with a Nazi mentality, who assess the value of living beings based on how well they serve US and that they deserve to die for not meeting our subjective idea of perfection! 

Poor, poor pup, it just makes me sick to my stomach.

Even it were true the dog was too aggressive, then take it to a trainer, at least try, and if it has to be put down, have them euthanized via injection -  but you do NOT shoot them!

And who would do that themselves (unless the animal is suffering) ?

And worse, brags about it in an autobiography?!?

What did she think we'd think, this made her seem MAGA tough or-?

No going back is right, Kristi. Not sure you can come back after this, but then I put nothing past the Trump cult now.  Somehow, they'll still say Biden is worse and people will believe it!

Lord, preserve us from this MAGAT mentality, and I mean that!

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