Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Only in Kentucky? 😂

... specifically in Nazi Northern Kentucky, to be precise, but regardless, this well-groomed, sexy, stud and his type can be found anywhere in our state; however, you will note that he's a special Nazi redneck - because he's also GOP candidate for state rep, just arrested for following and then trying to strangle a 17-year-old inside a Walmart, after he had previously played with a ball with his buddies, too close to his son.

And before you say it's political, my dude was caught doing so ON SECURITY VIDEO.

Not only was he arrested, but he has now banned from all Walmarts!  😂😂😂

Yep, we sure do set the bar high, vet, and take pride in the caliber of especially our GOP state-level politicians! 

 *sniff, sniff ... Barney Fife tug at our belts*


Lord, help us, and I mean that! 

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