Saturday, April 27, 2024

"American Cancer Story" Short Film/Commercial - Not About What You Think

I hadn't heard about or seen this yet, so when this short- film/commercial came on, I felt the full effect. WOW!

It is perfectly done, which is a lot for me to say, because as a former aspiring screenwriter, I'm pretty picky.

If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading now, because - SPOILER ALERT!

So you're watching this little girl's story of being treated for cancer, beating cancer, and then finally returning to school.  

We're rooting for her, of course, waiting to make sure she's okay, but still watching because it's still going, so this isn't the end of her story.

Then all of the sudden, as soon as she walks in the classroom and shuts the door behind her - BAM!

A school shooter with an AR-15 blows away the kids out in the hallway, and next we see our child cancer survivor, hiding in lockdown.

The film/ad ends with this:

"Cancer is the number 3 killer of children.  Gun violence is #1."

For a second, you're like "What just happened, did they switch commercials?"

And then it sinks in - no, they did not. 

The little girl survived cancer only to find herself in a school shooting.

It's highlighting American hypocrisy and blindsidedness  - that we all feel badly for children with cancer, but do nothing about school shootings/gun violence, though it's the bigger killer now.

Brilliantly done, Padhila!

(And no, guns in the hands of teachers isn't the answer, Tennessee  - it's only going to create more problems, you'll see.  My ex-husband was a teacher briefly, for example.  You don't want him with a gun.)

The film is being released in advance of the 25th anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Powerful, right? 

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