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No, That's Not True About Colon Cancer OR Colonscopies, JH

Some people love to kick you when you're down.  Some of these same people call themselves Christians, too.  I can't say whether they are or they aren't, that's not my place -  but what I can say is, if Christianity meant I had to behave or believe even remotely like this person, I'd rather go to hell, than a heaven filled with a-holes like that. 😂

For example, knowing that historically, this person can't resist a jab at me, especially after I wrote such a raw and honest post as the one below, I wandered over to their blog - and they didn't disappoint.

I would ignore this person, as I usually do, but considering this person is spreading misinformation about colon cancer and colonoscopies, I'll take the bait, but only here, no comments.

He clearly read my below post. and then posted this: 

Gee, wonder where he got that idea?

Note how he's trying to act like he was instead inspired to write about colonoscopies based on someone else's post, instead of me, but you'll note that the screen shot he posted is dated a year ago! 😂

Now, in case you're saying "How do you know that's about you?" 

Because he's famous for taking shots and falsely accusing fellow bloggers who have ever disagreed with him, without using their names, pretending he was inspired elsewhere.  He never leaves his house, so he has nothing to write about but fake news and other bloggers.  

I guess you'd have to have been in his blogosphere, years ago, to know that.   He lost all credibility and commenters long ago, doing that one too many times, to too many people.

And he especially still hates me - though I haven't commented in literally years.


For starters, because he thinks I'm a outspoken liberal Jezebel and that there's no such thing as a Democrat Christian.  

He can't debate anyone, because he only knows how to regurgitate points, not defend them, like some sort of bot 😂

Then he'd remove their comments, even if just a simple question, and lie about what people said, even falsely accuse them of crimes - even people on his own political side who just weren't fully aligned with his conspiracies!

Secondly, because I publicly exposed him doing that, as well as the lengths he went to.  Because in fact, he -  and his little sidekick psycho dog that he sicks on people -  went to great lengths to harass, spread false accusations, and impersonate myself and many others online, even meddling in our personal lives, about a decade ago, the details of which, I'll spare you, but which I also exposed publicly.  

In fact, out of the 22 people (I was told by law enforcement) that she  had stalked/harassed/terrorized (on behalf of him or herself, online and real life), I came the closest to prosecuting her for stalking and terroristic threatening,  despite her being in another country.   

(You'd be surprised to learn how hard it is to prosecute in THIS country for it, never mind another one.)

I didn't realize he was the one pulling her strings until much later, I thought he had no idea what she was up to - but I was wrong.

So yep, they hate me, and I'm good with that - as long as they stay in their corner (and this is why my comments are closed, to ensure it, because they've already proven they'll never stop).

As I said, I usually ignore them both, but I'll give the bully his reaction fix, just this once, and only here, simply to correct some misinformation about colonoscopies and colon cancer ... 

Oh, JH, ya silly noodle - nice try and getting under my skin and the scare-tactic attempt, but you should know by now, I'm a Democrat - which means I'm immune to  your far-right-wing, power-of-suggestion fear mongering without evidence.

Thus, once again, all you succeeded in doing is displaying your ignorance.  

Well, in your defense, it is science - and we all know how science, logic, rational thought, and factual information escape you. 

Because FYI, a colonoscopy is given to rule out colon cancer, yes - but also to find non-cancerous problems like polyps or diverticulitis.

Also, it's not true that it's "too late" if you're already symptomatic -  that is only true about pancreatic cancer, NOT colon cancer. 

In fact, if caught in the early stages, colon cancer has a 91% cure rate - it's one of the few cancers that we can actually cure, often even in later stages. 

As for morphine only going so far, well, I wouldn't know, I have no experience with morphine-based drugs - tinkered around with them,  have you?

That would explain much.

Well, thank you for the reassurance that if I was on my deathbed and out of morphine, you'd give me a good swift kick and tell me I deserved it rather than a kind word, wouldn't you, "Christian brother?"

Because, of course, Jesus said to do that in the gospels ... never?!?

Well, unfortunately for you, you're a bit premature - because of course, though cancer is always in the differential for things like this, there are many other non-cancerous, non-life-threatening things this could be that are more likely - so  nope, you can't write me off yet.

I guess you do this sort of thing because you don't have enough to do in your RL, and because you need to believe that what you - and your little called psycho blog dog - did to myself and my daughter, was justified.

Because what if you're wrong, right?  What you two did to innocent people is just too tough on the ego and psyche.

But guess what?

This'll really blow your mind.

I forgive you.

No, really, I do! 😊

I forgive you AND your little psycho blog dog, C, too.

Because you can't help that you're an idiot and among the functionally mentally ill. 

Plus this one sounds more like your excuse for not getting checked with regular colonoscopies than about me.

And a healthy lifestyle?

You mean your eating badly, being overweight, getting no physical exercise, and not getting vaccinated?

Nah, I'm good, thanks.  I may eat badly and smoke, but I'm still thin, I DO exercise, and I am vaccinated.  I do have some work to do in the healthy eating and smoking departments, but at least I'm honest about that, rather than scolding people to do as I say and not as I do 🙂

But you take care, now, carry on - not sure how long that will be with your lifestyle, but don't let me stop you. 

Please, never change, JH -  you're one of the constants in this world that I mentioned, too. 

Because we can consistently count on you to connect dots that don't, out of crazy conspiracy, as well as your paranoia and fear of everyone and everything not exactly like you. 

In fact, your blog is like a measuring stick for people doubting themselves - it makes the rest of us feel like better, saner people, after reading the arrogant, unrepentant ramblings of such a filthy soul, hiding behind a Christian flag as cover.

In fact, we all walk away after reading, going "Well, I may need to work on myself some more, but at least I'm not as bad as  JH!" 

Not to mention, your habit of citing people you've never met and that no one's ever heard of (that may not really exist or be an actual bot) from X as "proof" of your conspiracies is especially good for a giggle.

What a lovely little life you've carved out for yourself - all online, all your commenters now gone, talking to yourself in your comments section with several IDs. 😂 If you thought that no one knew that, think again - we ALL know - it's pretty obvious.

But onward, Christian soldier, marching off to the war that exists only in your head. In fact, I'm sure you'll try to engage me in a blog war, as you have everyone in our blogging circle you once knew that simply disagreed with you, trying to get attention and comments for your blog by playing the false victim, but I won't oblige you. This will be my only reaction, so you'll have to argue with one of your other IDs, because everyone else left. 

Say what you will, but one thing you could never could quite compete with was my sense of humor, could you?

That's because I have lots of practice in my life, dealing with relentless bullies. 

 After several attempts at diplomacy and return to civility, ignoring, and even a "please stop," I then pull out and dust off that old girl with the gift for making bullies look stupid by using humor -  it's my specialty.  😊

But I do sometimes wonder if you, and C, ever ask yourselves now "Was what I did to her and her daughter in real life worth it, over 15 minutes of blog fame?

Or even better, "What if my I'm wrong in the accusations I made and the lengths I went to?"

You should know the answer, by now, but I also know that  a personality (disorder) like you, once proven wrong in their false accusations, just rolls on to the next one, trying to prove their beliefs right, all their lives.

Regardless, ya never did get "discovered" and a book deal out of blogging as you hoped, did you?

But blessings on you anyway, as Christ instructed to "Bless those who curse you." 🙂


PS - Oh, now he's changed the topic to STDs and women, hahahaha!

Bitching  about women today versus yesteryear - as IF he had any clue what sane women were like, in ANY year.

I guess because I mentioned also being worked up by an OB/GYN for the lower abdominal/pelvic pain??? 

Okay, well, thanks, Doctor Mengele, but there's no need to worry about that, either for me OR yourself, so you can chill with the wild speculation without evidence or any medical knowledge whatsoever. 

 Because despite your need to believe I'm some sort of loose-moraled Jezebel because I'm a Democrat, I've been faithful to the same man for 12 years, both of us tested for everything previously, because we were previously married to unfaithful people, so one thing we can be sure of is that it is NOT an STD.

As for you?  

Not to worry about "STD women, these days."

Because non-desperate, sane women wouldn't touch your crazy, misogynistic arse for a billion dollars.  

In fact, you're a sort of an automatic sex repellent and natural form of birth control.

Sane, smart women actually do an involuntary Kegel clench that even the Jaws of Life could not open, at the sight or sound of your nonsense.

I don't think I've ever personally encountered such a rotten soul, who also claims to be a Christian (but who apparently only knows a max of 4 bible verses, only 1 of them being uttered by Christ himself).  Of course, I know they're out there, we had one as president, but even he wouldn't cross certain lines.

I mean, even my abusive ex-husband wouldn't have crossed THAT moral line to kick me when I have a worrisome health concern going on.

(No, he would've freaked out and made everything about himself and my possibly leaving him, waited until I was better, and then got drunk and done me in himself, like a gentleman 😂)

It doesn't hurt my feelings or anything, it just makes my soul shudder and shakes my faith even further.

In fact, I'm going to unplug from here for a few days to focus on better people in gratitude, because, ya know ... ew?

Gosh, I hope in the meantime, he doesn't like, set himself afire in the park, throwing pamphlets and rambling about the New World Order like that guy outside the Trump hush-money trial or anything.

Speaking of the New World Order, JH - are Jewish people running the New World Order and persecuting Christians or are they the victims of this New World Order, too?   😂

Make up your mind - because your posts on whether they are the perpetrators or the victims seem to change, based on the latest right-wing talking point you're regurgitating.

Never mind, I withdraw the question - because of course, that would require critical thinking skills.

Back to gratitude and sane people with conscience 😊

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