Tuesday, November 7, 2023

YES! Democrat, Andy Beshear, Won His Second-Term as Our Governor! - *Pay Attention to How, My Fellow Dems Nationally*


Though not by a landslide, he managed to win again, despite COVID protocols, despite our being a deeply red, gun-loving, Trump-supporting state (unfortunately) and despite Trump giving Cameron his endorsement.

IMO, his win was due to several issues (National Dems take note:  Follow Andy's recipe):

1)  Andy has won over many fiscally-motivated Republicans by bringing new business to Kentucky with attractive tax incentives, while still holding to Biden's tax plan for personal income taxes, as well as he continues to protect retirement pensions for teachers and first responders (which Bevin tried to reduce, as would Cameron), as well as he supports a minimum wage hikes and other union actions (but not always, it depends on the ask).  
In other words, Andy's about financial balance, not extremes.  In fact, he's like that in general.
I guess he can best be described as a moderate conservative (centrist), but socially liberal (center-left) - ya know, like most people who critically think for themselves,  it actually depends on the issue:  How much it does cost, who benefits, who loses, and none of those things should be based on what color their skin is, what gender,  what religion, what sexual orientation,  or how much money they make or don't make - UNLESS - it's to protect those people with less from power abuse.


*2)  Andy's quick, personal and financial response to the 2021 Western KY tornado and 2022 Eastern KY floods.  
In fact, you'll note those counties -  who voted for Trump and normally vote Republican - instead voted heavily for Beshear; in particular, note the blue swath of counties southeast of Lexington, who were the hardest hit by the 2022 floods.  
Also - and even more importantly - Andy never once reminded them of his help, nor demanded their loyalty during his campaign (as you know Trump would).


3)  Cameron's extremist abortion views including rape/incest of minors (Hadley Duvall) and non-viable infants - i.e., the couple on the most recent commercial whose ultrasound revealed the baby would be born without a brain, would suffer, would not survive anyway. 
(You'll notice that the  Daviess County, county seat of Owensboro, is where Hadley Duvall is from -  the young girl with verified rape and pregnancy by her stepfather at age 12 - also voted for Beshear,  Go Hadley!)  


4)  Cameron parroted an unpopular former governor's (Matt Bevin) cuts to healthcare and education, to include possible reduction of pensions (two of our biggest employers in the state, and in some counties, the only employers in the county).  
True, Trump voters have never seemed to realize that Bevin/Cameron's policies ARE Trump policies, but essentially, when Trump policies hit their own wallet, they  noticed, but they instead blamed just the governor, for whatever reason. (I know, it makes no sense.) 


* I put an asterisk by #2, because I think it's the most important lesson - 
Pay particular attention to the blue swath of counties to the southeast of Lexington - those were the counties hardest hit by the July 2022 floods. 

 Andy acted quickly both financially and personally to get both state and federal aid to the victims, to include using the state park lodges for immediate temporary housing and food until federal aid arrived, visiting and staying in the region, literally rolling up his sleeves and helping clean up (as did Biden later).

Rural people generally do not trust outsiders and "city slickers"  - particularly in Kentucky, because of the coal wars - BUT - if you help people in need, and not just financially from afar - if you come in, roll up your sleeves and work alongside them, and most importantly, keep your promises on quick aid, they won't quickly forget you did.

And again, don't remind them or demand their loyalty for it via votes or donations to his campaign, either (like Trump does).. 

Andy never once reminded them of his help during his campaign, nor ever asked for anything in return -  he didn't care who they voted for, what political party they belonged to, what color their skin was, what religion, what sexual orientation, or even what political party - he only knew that they were people in his state that needed help - period.

So national Democrats, take note - despite the proven effectiveness of negative power of suggestion -  using fear-mongering, lies, and intimidation -  nothing beats real-life positive personal experience with individuals or groups that a population was previously unfamiliar with - it will  "trump" lies, smears, and fears every time!

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