Monday, November 6, 2023

Anna Lapwood, Chief Music Director at Pembroke College (Cambridge), and Midnight Pipe Organist at Royal Albert Hall ...


If you haven't seen her midnight sessions at Royal Albert Hall in the UK, you're missing out.

At age 28, Anna Lapwood is the youngest CMD at Pembroke College (Cambridge), and thus is reviving an appreciation for the organ, particularly the pipe organ, along with introducing a new generation to the instrument, through viral TikTok videos of her midnight rehearsals ... 


On the quieter side, with one of my favorite pieces of music of all time, Debussy's Clare De Lune ...

As a side note, Clare De Lune was the only song that would soothe my previous pugamuffin, Snuggy, to sleep when he was agitated, before he passed. 

Bringing it back up again, here's Anna in collaboration with Bonobo for a light show performance ...

In other news, I just received an offer for a new job, which I accepted  - and these were my congratulations flowers, brought home to me from my awesome husband, Mark :)

I will still be doing spillover work for my old job on weekends, etc - which I loved, as well as having I have the best boss I've ever worked to date there :)

What is it?

Still transcription, but for a digital health company, which is one of the many companies owned by a certain British gentleman we all know, who turns pretty much anything he touches to gold.

(Well, not everything, but most businesses he gets into ;)

I was pretty much resigned to the fact that my job had been completely replaced by EMR systems and AI, so I was of the mindset of "If you can't beat them, join them" and was applying for training of AI voice recognition.

However, the good news is, although this company does employ AI for some things, they have recognized that human intuition  and interpretation (particularly with accents) is still required for transcription is still needed.

Hallelujah, and I mean that!

Soooo very grateful for this opportunity :)

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