Saturday, November 18, 2023

"Free-Speech Karen in Chief" (Trump) Legally-Threatened Late-Night Comedian/Talk Show Host, Jimmy Kimmel - Again

So let me get this straight - the man on trial for his false claims about ... well, everything ... is trying to legally threaten Jimmy Kimmel for  misquoting the actual amount that Truth Social has lost?  😆

Apparently, on November 15th, Jimmy Kimmy stated in his monologue that Truth Social had lost $73 million since its inception and that it was a "colossal failure."

As a result, MTMG (Trump Media and Technology Group) sent a legally threatening letter that both he, and ABC, must retract it and apologize - because it had "only" lost $31.6 million (according to what MTMG reported to the FTCC which is, ya know, questionable 😒

So of course, in typical Jimmy Kimmel style with Trump, he mock-retracted his statement to correct the amount lost and stated:

"In other words, in fairness, Truth Social isn’t a colossal failure, it’s only an abysmal failure,”

“I have to say, demanding a retraction for reporting the value of his company incorrectly is pretty darn hilarious considering the fact he is on trial right now for reporting the value of his company incorrectly. Maybe he should sue himself.”

“But in all fairness, TMTG demanded an apology, so from the bottom of my heart I want to say, Donald Trump and everyone at the TMTG, I’m deeply sorry you’re so bad at running companies, I guess.”


In other words, in the interest of getting the amount right, he corrected the amount, but also stopped just short of saying "Do it, "Mr. Free Speech," I dare you."

Welp, we know that Jimmy is on Trump's revenge-execution list for sure, now. 😆

Oh, yeah, Donald Trump is all about "Free Speech" - when it's A) Positive about him,  and a related B), full of lies and false accusations in projection, and C) Trying to incite his followers to attack somebody or something.

Otherwise, he's a petty, over-privileged, thin-skinned Karen - unfortunately supported by a legal PAC fund - erm - I mean, campaign fund. 😝

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