Saturday, May 4, 2019

This Year's Derby Riddle Hints (The Pic is From Last Year's Riddle Results)

As mentioned in today's first derby post, in 2003, I picked the long shot, Funny Cide to win based on strong premonition, and he did.  Since then, everyone thinks I'm psychic lol.  (I'm not.  At least not in this way.  It's complicated.) Though I've never had a strong "riddle hint" since, people still ask. The hints come like riddles, so if I/we figure them out correctly, we win.  If not, we lose lol

For example, last year, the two strongest riddles I received were "Baffert's vying for a win again" (but he had two horses in the derby to choose from, and we never bet Baffert anyway because, well ... let's just say there are reasons for that ;)

The clue turned out to be Justified, who would go on to again win the triple crown for Baffert.

The other strong clue was "The one with the V, with be in the three" - but no jockeys had silks with a "V" on the back...

...  UNTIL - at the last minute the jockey and silks were changed for "Good Magic" - to a dark maroon V on the back on light silks  - and came in second or "show" :)

Remember, though, there were other riddles last year (2018) that seemed to make no sense that I never did figure out, to this day lol.

I haven't even matched this year's riddles up with the horses yet, because I'm working and won't have time - and again, the force is not strong this year lol.

Nevertheless, here they are.  I think lol.

Asterisks are by the strongest riddle hints (the one's I'm fairly certain about/clear), and remember, they could refer to one horse or the top 3 (win, place and/or show), a particular horse, trainer, jockey, their silks, an owner, or their breeding (sires and dams).

So, can you solve the riddles?

Because you might win if you solve them correctly :)

*"Maroon and white (or light), a star, and a stripe"

Now - I'm not sure if that means the same horse or the top three, win, place, and show, but I'm fairly certain it means the top 3 -  and not sure if that's the order or just the three in some order - so if you figure this one out, don't box them lol - unless, of course, you figure that out in conjunction with the other riddle hints below :)

*  It will come Funny Cide Up"

(Not sure if that's reference to a trainer or owner of Funny Cide or it just means another long shot will win (or place, or show?)

* "It's a Farmer's Market"

* The letters M A R together. 

  The letter "F" figure prominently

"For King and Country"

"A Spanish Galleon"

 Good Luck!

(With the clues not being strong this year and with me working, we don't have time to research/match them up and probably won't bet.  However, if you know me personally and you figure out the riddles, let me know privately - especially if you win based upon them! lol)

PS 6:28 p.m.  It would be kind of hilarious if Game Winner won after my Chicken Dinner post below.

However, he doesn't really fit any of the riddle clues - but again, the force isn't very strong with me, this year :)

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