Saturday, May 25, 2019

Morning Surprise: The Annual Return of the American Goldfinch

(Updated) Just took these pics of an American Goldfinch in my beloved birch tree. They're a few days early, they usually return right on June 1, like clockwork.  They're not only beautiful, they're comforting. Because they remind us that no matter how many things change around us, some things always stay the same.  You can always count on the annual return of the American Goldfinch at exactly the same time, every year, heralding the start of summer.  (I'm interpreting their few-days-early return as a good omen ;)

PS -  My brother-in-law just experienced his 3rd family death in 5 years (his/Mark's mother, his father-in-law, then his mother-in-law a few days ago.)

I wouldn't send it to everybody in every grief or rapid-changes situations, because they wouldn't get it - just spiritual people get it and/or those who have taken several rapid-fire hits in a row.

Because the first hit is bad enough, but by the second and the third, the world starts spinning faster and faster on you, it feels out of control - and you just need to look at something constant to make the room stop spinning - like being seasick or carsick.

He never actually said that, of course, because he's a Chaplow man - I just know that's how rapid-fire hits in a row feel after a while, from personal experience ;)

That always helped me and it seemed to help him - so very glad xo :)

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