Saturday, May 4, 2019

I Just Won $139 on a Last-Minute $2 Bet on Country House!!!!

(edited) Based on 2 of the riddles (unedited post below) - "A Farmer's Market" and "It will come Funny Cide Up" (I thought meant long-shot odds, like Funny Cide) - I interpreted them to mean Country House at 65/1 and bet $2 to win at the last minute. I WON $139! "It will come Funny Cide Up" is double-entendre; it meant a long shot (like Funny Cide) AND the win would come as the result of Maximum Security's disqualification!

(The pics below are the correct winning horses, but not from the Kentucky Derby)

I  couldn't figure out exactly how to interpret "Maroon and White, a star and a stripe" - I wasn't sure if that was one horse or the top three.  And that could be anyone lol.  Now I know what it means, in hindsight - it was referring to one horse - Code of Honor has U.S. military chevrons on his back -  "stars and stripes," get it?  And he had a maroon and white saddle pad:)

It always makes sense in hindsight of course, but that's what riddles do :)

I didn't get it, before hand, even though it was one of the strongest.  I wasn't sure how to interpret it.

Like I said, they come to me in riddles to interpret  - if I do so correctly, I win :)

I like to think it's one of my grandfathers or both - one loved horses, the other loved riddles.

*Looks up at sky*

Well, thank you, Pap and Granddaddy - or  God - whoever you are? lol.

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