Monday, June 10, 2024

The Caitlin Clark Controversy

*Edited - videos added.  

So we have an interesting dilemma on our hands.

(Not really, it's just interesting to me, the boxes and labels people try to pigeonhole other people in, especially during these times.)

On one hand, some of my fellow Democrats - particularly other women - are saying she only gets this much attention because she's white and pretty.

On the other hand, we have Republicans saying to stop that race-card talk.

Caitlin herself says nothing - she just does her job and plays basketball. 😊

(In fact, we don't even know where Caitlin stands politically because she doesn't say. )

Then the decision was made to keep her off the Olympic team.

Though politics could play a role, it's also possible that it may not actually be as much of a snub as it appears and it might not have  anything to do with her race OR the controversy.

Because all of the US Women's Olympic team players are already actively playing members of the WNBA - but Caitlin was just drafted.

Some may not be aware, but professional basketball players were not allowed on the US Olympic Team until 1992 - since then,  it has actually become somewhat unusual for a college basketball player to be on the US Olympic Team versus professional basketball players.

Regardless, Caitlin herself isn't letting it bother her, so why are we?

She's just focusing on starting her first year of professional basketball, which she will now get paid to do  - because it's not going to be easy for her, her first year, it never is - it's next-level basketball with all the greats.

But you know what I think about all of this noise?

I agree with Charles Barkley. 

I mean, the girl scored the most points ever - male OR female, black OR white - in NCAA Division I College Basketball history!

Unfortunately, it may be true that she's considered more marketable because she's white and pretty - but she really is THAT good, too!

Is she a saint?

No, she can be just as scrappy and trash-talking as any other basketball player, male or female.

Should she, or any other player, apologize after they do so?

Only if they injure someone else - otherwise, that's basketball - and this is the sport they signed up for, male or female - if you can't hack the scrappy stuff, don't play.

If you want to talk about race coming into it, take a look at THIS ...

Yes, Chennedy Carter shoulder-shoved Caitlin to the floor after a play (watch the right-hand side of your screen) ... BUT ...

Caitlin actually did worse to another player, in another game  - a two-handed shove to the floor  (also at the right-hand side of your screen ) ... 

 ... and yet despite both women being fouled appropriately for their similar behaviors in separate incidents, people still demanded a public apology only from Chennedy. 

The difference in public reaction thus proves the existence of both our white fragility and our racial bias. 

However, note that Caitlin herself isn't crying and whining about it, demanding an apology like a Karen - she said none was required.

That is because she knows she's done the same and this is basketball. 

Now, I'm not condoning violence at all - I'm saying we live in a culture where more aggressive men are steered toward sports to "channel" their aggression, and we assume that there aren't any  aggressive women, that aggression in women is pathologic.

Yes, more testosterone stimulates aggression - but women have testosterone, too, at varying levels.

Plus temperament and personality can come into play with aggression.

What "channel" do women have for their aggression?

Well, it should be sports, too.

On the court, where it should be, and then leave it there. 

If it was off the court, then we'd have a problem - but that's what sports are for, channeling energy and aggression - male OR female.

In fact, I'd rather see that on the court with women, too, rather than the usual passive-aggressive girl-world way of  "smile in your face, but pour something in your coffee later,"  which more aggressive  types of women do because they know they have nowhere to be aggressive that's socially acceptable 😂

Not me, I couldn't play basketball if my life depended on it, I'd likely cry or soil myself every time someone fouled me, and I'm not aggressive unless you're in my face, and not just momentarily, but for way too long. 😊

But some women, like Caitlin, will blow your mind!

And hey, have we ever seen this much interest in women's basketball?

No, we have not - so let's not pick it apart and ruin it by dissecting it too much and quabbling with each other, like men expect?

Yes, we have gender and race inequality in America, both of those things are true - but one step at a time?

In fact, I snicker to myself that so many white male Republicans have suddenly taken an interest in women's basketball because of the race politics. 😂

So a bunch of men that think women should "know their place" and that their only purpose and talent in life is to stay at home, have babies, and take care of them,  are suddenly all rah rah over Caitlin Clark playing basketball!?! 😂

Good - yes, please - watch her games, see what women of all races can do versus what you believe, even if you're doing it for political reasons.

Because then maybe someday, when we're past all this, we will all be able to appreciate talent for talent sake, rather than focusing on gender OR skin color.

And now to my more fervent fellow feminists - now, would ya look at that?

A pretty girl has sports talent AND a brain, can you believe it?

Why should we have to choose between our looks and a brain or sports  - can't we care about all of that? 

Women come in all different shapes and sizes with different gifts, just like men - we don't need to help misogynists out by pigeonholing ourselves, too, now, do we?

Our culture tends to believe if a girl is pretty, she's not smart or can't play sports and vice versa.

And if you all have a disagreement, direct communication with each other to work it out privately first, at least try, but otherwise, let's support each other, ladies - we need all the support we can get!

And y'all realize all of this controversy sounds to men like jealousy and petty nonsense, right?

In fact, some are saying this is why women shouldn't play, they ruin the game with petty nonsense.

Don't help them out!

And to both political sides -  assuming she must be gay because she's a tough female athlete?

We don't know whether she's gay or straight -  she's never been linked to anyone, male or female - and frankly, it's none of our business and doesn't matter.

Thus, I don't know much about her, but I think I dig this girl - not only because she's likely a better 3-point shooter than any college basketball player ever, male or female - but because she just does her job and leaves people guessing, making fools of themselves trying to shove her in any neatly-labeled little box 🤭

Now if she comes out later with a bunch of MAGA BS, I'll eat every word I just said, but for now, kudos to her for leaving us guessing and not allowing us to pigeonhole her.  😂

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