Saturday, June 15, 2024

Staycation ...

Oops, I didn't load the picture properly on first publish, here it is ... 

Not sure we'll be able to vacation, this year, but Mark had the day off yesterday, and after completing my work, we decided to traipse over to our community pool, which isn't as crowded during the week.  

It's small, but nice, right?

My neighbor and friend, Sarah, was there, along with her son and his friends, and we had a great time, laughing at nonsense and throwing quarters and dimes in the pool for the kids to dive for. 

At first the kids were like "Aw, man, just a quarter?" 😂

I was like, "Yeah, but they rack up if you find enough, it's like finding treasure.  When I was a kid, we used to dive for pennies! Imagine how long that took to find enough for a candy bar!"

Then I thought to myself "Oh, no - have I really reached the grandma phase where I'm like 'When I was a kid, stuff cost X.'😂

By the end of the day, though, they were like "Oh, wow, we have $8 bucks now!"

I was like, "See?  Not enough for an electric scooter, but enough for a candy bar or pack of gum, right?  And now they have those machines where you dump your coins in and it converts them to dollar bills, so you don't have to stand there at the counter and count out your coins!"

(It's also a fun way to teach kids to put in a little work/effort to earn money, right?)

Mark, who still uses Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil - which I call his "Melanoma Oil" - fried to a crisp, such that we can't go back today, he's a lobster. 

(But that's okay, I have work to do on my flowers, which didn't fare well during the cold spell recently.)

I, however, used my waterproof 30+ SPF and got a slight bit of color (plus I alternate between under an umbrella table or wear a hat) -  but no burning, despite being about 3 shades more fair than him.

Thus, I think I may have successfully convinced him that the risk of melanoma increases as we age, and that melanoma is a fast killer, it metastasizes elsewhere fast,  if not caught in time!

Sometimes hanging out at home can be just as fun as a vacay, and I'm grateful for having a pool and great neighbors! 

(Well, on days the small pool doesn't get too crowded.)

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