Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Jimmy Kimmel Confirms Dr. Phil Said The Opposite on His Show

 Two posts below, I had said that despite Dr. Phil fawning all over Trump in his interview with him, I was certain that he previously insinuated that Trump was a narcissist on a late-night talk show.  

In fact, I told Mark and my little sister privately that I was pretty sure it was Jimmy Kimmel.

Here is Jimmy Kimmel confirming it, last night ... 

And here's a clip of Dr. Phil on his show.

I think there's a more recent one that I can't find, and note I said he  "insinuated" it - he never actually says he's a narcissist, he just offers the diagnostic criteria for a narcissist and says that there's a "short list" of "personality disorders" that come to mind for Trump ...

So what gives?

We know he's a quack, but why is he suddenly so rah rah about Trump and enabling him after saying that?

Or is he, like Jimmy Kimmel half-jokingly stated - just messing with Trump? 

That would be a very, very effed up thing for any psychologist to do to anyone, licensed or not, even Trump - because it helps no one and the first rule of counseling is "do no harm," just like medical doctors.

And the public wouldn't know the difference, which is what's important here. 

Or is he just saying whatever to whomever to try to stay relevant and famous?

Regardless, super irresponsible!

Good news, though -  my memory is intact, my insight and judgment  are intact - Dr. Phil DID insinuate this previously on JK's show, a few times!

Hooray, I'm not crazy! 

(Well, I'm a little crazy, having been professionally diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, but at least I'm not THAT crazy, anyway 😂)

However, I am worried about Dr. Phil's memory, insight and judgment now.

Physician, heal thyself!

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