Saturday, June 8, 2024

Bad Medicine: The Quackery of Dr. Phil

So I watched the Dr. Phil/Trump interview last night.  All I can say is both of them sounded like lunatics.

I already thought Dr. Phil was a quack - who doesn't have a license to practice psychology, by the way - but now we have proof. 

I have to say I didn't watch the full interview because when he said he called Biden to tell him to "stop this nonsense" against Trump, told Trump that he was "thick-skinned" and "unaffected by criticism," I turned it off.

Because first of all, it doesn't take a psychologist to be able to see that Trump doesn't take criticism well.

Secondly, what arrogance, to call the White House, like "I'm Dr. Phil, you should listen to me, I'm a talk show TV doctor, even though I don't actually have a license to practice."

Thirdly and most importantly, Biden has zero control over what the courts do, especially the state courts and is NOT weaponizing the DOJ.

If Biden and the Democrats controlled the courts and the DOJ, and these cases were politically motivated, don't you think they'd stop the prosecution against Biden's own son, Hunter, right now??? 

Or what about the DOJ and FBI currently prosecuting Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, from New Jersey, for improper foreign gifts or obstruction of justice, hmm?

Don't you think Biden and Democrats would stop that one, too?

And lastly, once again, the jury was approved by Trump's lawyers, and his lawyers did a terrible job at defending him.

I find this so odd because I just saw Dr. Phil on a late-night talk show about a year ago, and he was insinuating Trump was a narcissist, and I was like "Well, at least he got one thing right."

So what's with the 180?

And he's usually so controlled-calm with his quackery, but he sounded like a full-on lunatic himself!

And he now who delusionally believes he convinced Trump not to take revenge on his enemies, despite the fact that Trump clearly was not having it.

So now he's enabling a narcissist, in some kind of effed up folie a deux - wonderful!

I do worry about idiots that don't understand that Dr. Phil isn't actually licensed to practice psychology and is a quack, putting his stamp of faux psychological approval on Trump, but what can I do about that?


Just waiting (and praying) for the scales to fall off eyes so that people can see Trump is NOT, in fact, made of gold; he's a con man and criminal and has always been, and definitely not our new Messiah.

I can't believe this was aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network - you should be ashamed of yourselves, TBN!

If God and the Jesus I've read truly approve Trump as their guy, then I would lose my religion and renounce Christianity, I'm not kidding! 

Thanks, Dr. Phil, for trying to gaslight America!

Dude - that emperor is buck naked -  and if you think he's wearing gold robes, then physician, heal thyself! 

I really hope this is the end of your fraudulent con-man career - I can see what you two have in common!

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