Sunday, September 3, 2023

Big 10 Football and NBC/Peacock Partnerships Unfortunate New Branding?


So yesterday was the debut of Big 10 Football on NBC's Peacock Channel -  University of Michigan VS. East Carolina University.

Unfortunately, someone made an unintentional new branding of the new partnership between the two. 

When you see it ...



In case you still can't see it (but you should, because it's glaringly apparent) - because of the way the announcers are seated, the sign that should say "Big 10 Saturday" with "Peacock" below it -  instead looks like "Big Turd" with "cock" below it.


Well, that's one way to help people remember your brand. 

Oh my, the internet is going nuts hehehe.

As the Detroit Free Press put it: 

"Social media, bastion of kindness that it is, was quick to latch on to the innocent mistake before relentlessly mocking the unintended signage. "

"Social media, bastion of kindness" ... hehehe

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