Sunday, September 17, 2023

I Told You So: Lauren Bimbort - Erm - I Mean, Boebart ...

 As I said in this in this previous post, I don't like to throw shade at other women because we have enough of that in general going on -  but in her specific case, that's exactly what she is, a bimbo; and worse, she's a political prostitute. 

Not being very bright herself, her "assets" and values are for sale to the highest bidder, including Christian "nationalists," and she's an argumentative, obnoxious Karen - you know, basically a female version of Trump :) 

In case you haven't seen the two videos yet, she's vaping in front of a pregnant woman and refused to stop when asked, repeatedly using flash photography though not permitted in the theater, dancing in her seat, clearly on something - and worse, not yet divorced from her husband, her new boyfriend grabs her breast for several seconds, while her hand is in his lap, where she begin to stroke him, in full view of everyone. 

And when asked to stop by the people around her and staff, she either ignores them or argues with them, behaving like a truly falsely-entitled Karen, drunk on her own power. 

Then, after being escorted out, she gives the staff the middle finger ...

Of course, she denied all of this, blamed the "fog machines" for the show, as well as political persecution - until, of course, the theater just produced video. 


No, wait ... hahahaha!

Let's see ...  a not-yet divorced woman performing sexual acts in public, vaping in front of the unborn and refusing to stop, being drunk/high, - exactly how many "Christian" values does she claim to be for which she publicly defied here, I ask you?

I'm enjoying the exposure of "Christian nationalist" hypocrisy immensely, I can't help myself - and I told you so.

And the only reason Trumpers didn't see that she's exactly the type of woman that the far-right usually rails against was because she was pro-Trump and on their side.

(The same is true for Marjorie Taylor Greene, only she's just a smidgeon smarter than Hoebag, but not but much, still subpar - but just as crazy.)

But no, Trumpers see things clearly, they're not brainwashed cult worshippers or anything, of course not! ;)

Bimbort has just issued an apology for "falling short of her own values" or something, but it's too little, too late, Sweetie ...

You denied it for two weeks, then blamed others - you know, the usual Trump MO of basically gaslighting the entire audience there and their story of what she did  - until the video was produced - and NOW you apologize?  

I don't think so.

Nevertheless, they will still back her, just because she's for Trump, wait and see, just like they continue to back Trump himself, and pedophile, Matt Gaetz, (who may I remind you voted "no" against reauthorizing a child-trafficking bill), despite mounds of evidence against them.

Because these people have found that gaslighting and projecting their own crimes onto others works - but let us not forget the smeller is usually the feller, especially in politics ;)

And Trump was right, he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, on video, and not lose votes. 

What passes for "Christian" behavior in this day in age defies logic; of if they do see it, they pretend they didn't or make excuses or "forgive the sin" without an admission of the sin, even repeated sin,  though they claim is required for LGBTQ.

Double standards much? ;)

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