Monday, September 11, 2023

FDA Just Approved the New COVID Booster ...


Says the NYT.

Well, it's about dang time!  Cases were going up again!

So ACIP is the advisory committee for the CDC,  They will meet with the CDC Director on Tuesday with their recommendations.  If the CDC Director approves them, they'll be available within days. 

HOWEVER, keep in mind the public emergency was declared over in May of 2023 - which means that private insurance now has to cover it so not sure if their decisions will hold up further or not.

 So when ACIP and the CDC makes their recommendations, they will decide whether it's going to be Part B (like the flu shot) or Part D (like the shingles vax).  My guess is that it will be Part B like the flu shot, or it should be.

This is what we want because commercial insurance takes their cues for whether Part B or Part D and it affects our copay price, as well as how much they decide to charge commercial insurance will also affect this amount. 

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