Friday, July 21, 2023

Ron DeSantis, Jason Aldean, and Other Blatant Racists Trynna Act Like They Don't Understand the Fuss ...

You know what, if you're racist, just say it straight up say that you either hate or fear (or both) people of color - or that you think they're inferior to you - rather than dancing around it and a bunch of denials that are not only cowardly, but insults both your intelligence and ours, as well as proves you have no integrity whatsoever.

Jason Aldean - erm - you can't film your video for "Try That In a Small Town," at a county courthouse where a famous lynching was had, show clips of BLM protests in a derogatory manner, etc., and then try to act like you don't know what the fuss was all about, c'mon on with that cowardly shit - you knew full well what you were doing.

You want to talk about peaceful neighbors and less violence, then why not talk about your neighbors who lynched that man without evidence back then, and today, participated in violently storming the capitol on January 6th? 

And if you want the freedom of speech/expression to display your ignorance, racism, and right to be an insensitive, manner-less  a-hole for the world to see, fine, but quit trynna act like you're not an insensitive, manner-less, racist asshole then, okay?  

And by the way, Jason Aldean - you sing about manners in a small town, but apparently you have no manners yourself, or you wouldn't be filming a video in front of the courthouse where a famous lynching took place - so I tell you what - try that stuff in some small towns that I know of here and see what happens - you'll be met with a bunch of mommas, both white and black, ready to spank your ornery, insensitive butt to teach you some manners, in lieu of your own momma, who apparently didn't teach YOU any!

Worse was Ron DeSantis proclaiming that people of color "benefitted from slavery because it taught  useful skills" - which is the most blatantly racist thing I've ever heard a modern politician say, mind you - and yet he continues to try to act like he's not racist  - AND - it's part of the new Florida standards for education! 

First of all, I don't normally make fun of appearances and keep it about the issues, but can I help it if you look like if Jeremy Renner (nothing against him personally)  and the Long Island Serial Killer (definitely against him personally) had a baby.

Secondly, you are out of your 1980s Sears suit-wearing mind!

Erm - those "skills" were things mostly like picking cotton or threshing down sugar cane in tropical heat under the surveillance of a giant whip for 15 hours a day until they literally dropped dead, living in the worst living conditions

So what is this American Freedom you're so proud of then, and for whom?

I'd be ashamed - not only as an American, but as a Christian - racism and owning other human beings is NOT compatible with Christ's message, no matter how you twist it or what other verses in the bible you use.

At least admit you're a racist (who gets all mad when other people tell you to stop being rude and cruel) ya cowards,  rather than making excuses that even a 2-year-old wouldn't buy - it insults both your intelligence and ours. If you're so proud of your right to freedom of speech/expression, then say and it openly!

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