Saturday, September 17, 2022

ESPN's College Game Day is at Appalachian State Today!

For those of you unaware, App State U is in Boone, North Carolina -  a liberal, laid back, hippie, eco-friendly, inclusive, bright-blue-dot college town in a sea of otherwise rude, vocal, particularly angry shade of red Trumpers (Blowing Rock, Wilkesboro, Mt. Airy) nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is where we've vacationed for the last 2 years, and is in our top 3 retirement destinations - and who also beat football-legacy powerhouse, Texas A&M, last week!

Thank goodness no one was hurt, no buildings or cars were damaged, and no fires were set, as they flooded the streets of Boone, they behaved themselves.

Unlike here, in Lexington, Kentucky, last week, when Kentucky won against Florida, cars were flipped ...

And a fire was set in the street on State Street ...

Of course, the cops just looked away, during the actual event, with the damage being done by young, overprivileged, white-male UK students.

Because apparently, as we learned already with January 6th, it's NOT a "riot" - or vandalism, criminal trespassing, or wanton endangerment - IF performed by mostly white-males, and especially if in support of  your team or your political side. 

Then it's just "legitimate political (or sports) discourse!"   ;) 


Ahem, but I digress - all the commentators are saying Boone is a laid back, hippie college town, with the best bread and fresh farm-to-table food, the best nature spots nearby -  and they don't ever want to leave!  Amen!

(Kirk Herbstreit, after finding out about the fly-fishing rivaling Montana, pronounced it his kind of kind of town lol)

But wait ... no, no, NO! 

Because as a local potter put it to us ... "Y'all are welcome to move here, but shhh, don't tell too many people -  we're one of America's best-kept secrets!  We'll lose that laid-back, small-town feel, if too many move here permanently, and we'll end up like Gatlinburg -  or worse, Pigeon Forge -  and nobody wants that!  The home prices are already starting to rise too high!"

Whups, too late ... they're on ESPN CGD now, the secret is out ... and the home prices are going to skyrocket now, aaak!


PS - App State won again, against Troy, in a "Hail Mary" touchdown as the time expired.  Go Mountaineers! 

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